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  1. You might enjoy my latest post on youtube that I recently made while killing some old hard drives....
  2. How do you use a time on dry fire? The timer I have only works with gun fire.
  3. Have you spent the time to find out what hand load works best in your M&P 9 or 9L? If so, what powder, amount, bullet, OAL, etc did you find?
  4. Thanks for the replies, guys! I'll pass the word along to him (and the un-loader).
  5. It's a 115 gr bullet with 5.6 gr of Unique powder. Sound OK?
  6. a friend just discovered his first try at reloading 9mm he bought magnum primers by mistake. He's got about 100 rounds already loaded with 5.6 gr of Unique powder. Would it be dangerous to shoot them?
  7. Do you mean this: http://www.amazon.com/Trijicon-RMR-Sight-Adjustable-3-25/dp/B004NKU558 and this: http://stores.sjcguns.com/sjc-aluminum-magazine-wells/ or: http://www.speedshooterspecialties.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=103_91_185&products_id=1071 and this: http://www.lf-arms.com/M-P-Extended-Length-Magazine-Release-p/mpextmr.htm What's a FRE?
  8. Wow! Got the new Apex Tactical Flat Faced Forward Set Sear Kit from Amazon in the mail yesterday and installed it last night (following the videos). It was fairly easy, hardest part was getting the pin in the trigger, the tip to use a vise worked great! Trigger pull now just under 3 LBS! Took it out to the range this afternoon and burned up about 200 rounds, it was FANTASTIC! Now I need some better sights....
  9. Thanks everyone for the input! I'll get one on order soon via Amazon, never thought to look for one there!
  10. Isn't this ported pistol in the OPEN division? I'm planning to shoot Steel Challenge and USPSA. The FSS kit looks nice.
  11. Just got a new M&P 9 CORE Performance Center Ported pistol for my birthday and I'm really disappointed in the trigger. I thought it would be lighter, it's 6+ lbs and yucky. What is the BEST way to improve that? The APEX kit? If so, which one? I eventually plan to compete with this pistol so do I want the competition version of the APEX trigger? Where is the cheapest place to order the APEX equipment from? Thanks in advance...
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