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  1. It's sport and there are that group of people that will cheat...Every sport has them, it's not going to change any time soon.
  2. Being a new guy at a local match, I would use it as a teaching tool, and give him/her a stern warning.
  3. I have not set it up yet. I have a 550B that I bought back in 2000. I want to set one up for small primers and the other for large primers.
  4. I bought a used 550B at a yard sale, that I would like to send back to Dillion for a refurb. Lady said her father bought it 10 years ago, used it for a couple years then put it in a box. Box was left in the garage for 8 years. It came with complete tool head sets for 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, all dillion dies. Would it be worth it to just pack it all up and send it back to dillion for a refurb? There is some surface rust on the press and the dies also have rust
  5. You want real fun, Biker shoots 357 Sig in Open. He gets any and all 357 Sig brass I find anywhere. But he's from Portland and wears Birkenstocks, with socks, to rainy winter matches. I have been tempted to shoot 9x25 Dillion, I have the barrel and dies already. I get a really nice fireball out the barrel with a stiff loaded under a 115 gr bullet.
  6. Thanks for all the information.I will run this summer with the G34 and shoot limitted minor. I'm going to get some single mag pouches and 3 more magazines.
  7. I have been shooting IDPA and 2 Gun for the past year, and would like to get back into USPSA (last shot back in 2000). I miss the run and gun of USPSA. I have a Glock 34, 3 magazines, use a blade tech OWB holster and revolution double mag pouch, with a leather belt. Mods I have to the G34 are, 3.5 pound connector and extended slide stop, looking to add some fiber optic sights soon. Will be getting 2 more magazines and 1 more revolution double mag pouch. Thinking about getting the Blade Tech competion speed belt. Looking to shoot in either production class or Limited class. I know in Limited cl
  8. At my local matches, I would love to see a rule that the stage needs to be reset before the policing of brass starts. I have shot matchs with 9mm, 40 S&W, 10mm and just right the brass off. I understand some people really want to collect their brass, it cost money. At the same time it holds up the match, I would love to speed up the local match. I miss the quickness of state level matchs.
  9. I have been to way to many club level matches were the delay is split between resetting the stage and people policing their brass. Safety does ultimatley come down to the person pressing the trigger, as the shooter you are relying on the RO's to have checked the range, but you are the one that is going to be shooting.
  10. Matchs should be lost brass until the final shot of the match is fired.
  11. Long time lurker, from central NC. I shoot IDPA and 2 guns matchs for fun. I use a Glock 34 for matchs and carry a Glock 20 CCW, use an AR-15 in 300 Whisper for 2 gun matches.
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