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  1. Is the Sig P220 45ACP legal for CDP?
  2. I've had my 550B for over 10 years, loading 9mm, 40S&W, 10MM, 45ACP, 38/357, 223, and 300 whisper. I have been thinking about getting a second 550B so will not need to change priming systems. Would it be worth it get a second one, or should I think of getting the 650? I have no problem loading the volume of ammo I need with the 550B I currently have. I have also thought about getting a second hand 550B.
  3. I was thinking, a worked over Browning High Power would be a great ESP gun.
  4. Depends, I have a real brick fire place between my dinning room and living room.
  5. I use a blade tech holster for both IDPA and USPSA, the only thing I change on my belt is the mag pouches. I use the blade tech double mag pouch for IDPA, and then run 4 ghost mag pouches for USPSA.
  6. Did not S&W sell out the gun public? I seem to remember them supporting the AWB and the 10 Round Mag Limit.
  7. For the first steps, I plan on updating the sites, tugston guide rod, trigger with lite striker and spring, heavy mag extentions. After doing some research I will shoot 40S&W longs out of the factory barrel. I'm not an M class shooter, so I'm still more the limiting factor in my performace.
  8. I did a search and didn't come up with anything.
  9. I have a G34 that I shoot IDPA and USPSA production with, I think the G20 fits and feels better in my hands.
  10. I was wondering if a G20g4 with 40S&W barrel would be a good base for limited gun, I have the G20 already, or would it be better to get a G35. I would shoot 10mm but brass is just damn expensive.
  11. I agree that IDPA is getting better.... But, practise ammo is not full charge service ammo.
  12. Remember that we are talking about full charge service ammunition, not just what you can purchase off the shelf. I think IDPA should have minimum PF for all the major calibers used, full charge service ammunition will be different depending upon the caliber used. Or if IDPA wants to move away from full charge service ammunition then they should change their statement. Like others have stated it's just a game, with rules...
  13. As I'm sure you're aware, that was done because the vast majority of .38 Special ammo available commercially would/will not make 125pf. IDPA did not want to make the division "for reloaders only". I don't know what 38 special factor ammo is like, but the standard full power 9mm NATO is a 124 gr bullets at 1200fps out of 5" barrel, power factor is 148.
  14. IDPA Mission Statement: IDPA is the use of practical equipment including full charge service ammunition to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios using practical handguns and holsters that are suitable for self-defense use. IDPA has lost it's way.....9mm powder puff loads rule the game now,
  15. I have the scaled targets from Stoeger, and I use them. I have been using the scale targets outside. But with the summer weather, I would like to do some dry fire pratice and full distance.
  16. Any place to get targets in small quanitities? I'm looking for 10 or less, I don't need 100 targets. I just need some for dry fire pratice in my yard.
  17. I shot my first USPSA match today at the Sir Walter Gun Club in Creedmoor, NC, this is not my first forte into competitive shooting, I have shot IDPA in the past and shot some earlier this season. I had a great time, even in the sunny 90’s plus weather. I loved being able to run and gun, having to think out stages. Everybody was great and very helpful. I met and talked to one the triangle tactical guys, Lucas. Great guy, love their podcast. Some basics that I learned about equipment. First, moisture wicking cloths are the shit in hot weather. For the match knowing the temps were going to be in the 90’s, I opted to purchase some under shorts and a polo style shirt. These item are worth their weight in gold! Second thing I learned, grip tape is great for helping to maintain control of the gun. I don’t know why I shunned it, but again a great add on to any gun. Third for is magazine pouches, I had 2 ghost 360’s and a double blade-tech pouch. I loved the ghost 360’s much better than the double-tech. I have ordered 2 more ghost 360’s and will get a 5th one soon. I used the belt a shot IDPA with, the wilderness tactical, it’s still a great everyday belt. But, for competition, I see the need to the inner and outer belt system. All 8 stages were very fun to shoot. The only problems that I had were having to reshoot stages 1 and 6. Somebody was lax with pasting the targets. I was not upset, but was worrying about my ammo supply. Stage 6 was 24 round and stage 1 was 12. But as I said before I had a great time and will be shooting more USPSA. I don’t plan to give up IDPA, the USPSA will the primary game for me. I guess I should add I shot production class with a glock 34.
  18. I don't really see the advantage of the optic mounted on the slide. With the slide moving, and muzzle flip during recoil, you're going to have to re-acquire the dot after every shot. At least with an open gun, you really do not lose the dot.
  19. The G35 will let him move up to USPSA limited class and shoot major.
  20. Thanks for the info guys, I will give it a try. Not to worried about the neighbors, I have an 8ft sold fence around my back yard.
  21. Would there be any advantage to dry fire practicing at full distance with full size targets? I have the 1/3 scaled targets set up indoors at the scale distance. I have been practicing indoors for 3 months. Being that I live in NC and the weather is better now, I have the room in my back yard to practice at full distance with full size targets. Is there any advantage to this?
  22. I shot a local club match today at a new to me club. On the second stage, which was 18 rounds, they told us in SSP to load 2 mags with 11 rounds, stating it was division capacity. I tried to argue the point that only the first magazine could be loaded with 11 rounds, to simulate 10 +1. I lost the point and we all loaded 11 rounds for the stage. I
  23. It's sport and there are that group of people that will cheat...Every sport has them, it's not going to change any time soon.
  24. Being a new guy at a local match, I would use it as a teaching tool, and give him/her a stern warning.
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