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  1. It depends on the HOA, I know people at work that live in one run a Lefty group, they control everything. I lived in an HOA one time, and it sucked. Remember that HOA has the power to take your house away.
  2. You should also look into your local storage laws for flammables and explosives, some local governments have limits less than the what you would think. Something else to check into is your HOA rules.
  3. For me it's just doing it.....I use a dot drill target at 10 yards and put 5 in each dot at the end of all my live fire sessions. I have seen marked improvement.
  4. Has anybody measured these new extended bases for Glock magazines?
  5. Their going to stick it to their creditors and then try to stay in business.
  6. I have a few of the magpuls and they work fine, no problems.
  7. In rifles, there really is no such thing as over stabilized. I can shoot 50gr to 52gr match bullets just as accurately as a 77gr in a 1-7 twist 22 cal barrel.
  8. I use an EGW undersized 9mm for station 1 in my dillion.
  9. Had a Deltapoint Pro installed on G34, I have no iron sites on this gun. I spend about 45 minutes Saturday dry firing to be able to index with the dot. While dry firing I found I could shoot with both eyes open, very easily. This morning was my first time live firing with a red dot on a pistol. The hardest thing for me, remembering to keep both eyes open, it's so in grained in me to close my nondominate eye. I sited the DP in at 15 yards, from 3 yards out 25 yards, all the round fall into a 3" circle. Finding the dot under the pressure of a timer is what I need to work on. After siting in and
  10. I went and had my G34 slide milled for the Deltapoint Pro, I picked it up from the gunsmith today. I can't believe that I waited this long to upgrade to a red dot. From the first dry fire draw I had the dot centered in the screen and on the target. Looking forward to getting some live fire.
  11. I have been shooting iron sited pistols from the 80’s, shot IDPA, and USPSA in production class. I’m in my late 40’s, I have needed glasses in my mid 20’s for an astigmatism, then last year the eye doc said I needed bifocals. I have a set of glasses with line and the reading Rx on the bottom, and a set with no reading Rx. I tried the no line bifocals and could not stand it. Now I have to decided if I want the front site or target in focus. I have been picking the front site. After reading about red dots on pistols, that the dot and target can be in the same focal plane. I’m thinkin
  12. I can second this podcast, very good show. I also listen to Steven Anderson's, Ben Stoger's, and Shannon Smith's shows.
  13. Check out Law Enforcement targets, shipping is very reasonable. http://www.letargets.com/
  14. Again, IDPA needs to compile a comprehensive rule book already, it's been close to 20 years already.
  15. I'm looking for a good alternative to gatorade, am I diabetic and don't want the extra sugar.
  16. http://michaelbane.blogspot.com/2016/07/rip-walt-rauch.html?m=1 Sad news, I use to shoot matches with him in early 2000's.
  17. I do not wet tumble.....still like the old fashion corn cob media in a vibrating bowl. I went to the progressive press to pull the handle less...now I am stuck with 1/2 of a 5 gallon bucket of 9mm that I have run through the 550B to just deprime. I am to cheap to toss the brass.
  18. This is a good read: http://www.triangletactical.net/get-started-competitive-shooting/
  19. Of course, do us all a favor and let us know if you bought it on these forums I did not purchase them for anybody on this forum, it's from a seller on facebook.
  20. The once fired 9mm brass I have is killing me, was having lots of hang up while trying to loaded some 9mm on my 550B this weekend. I found that the spent primers are not decapping very well. On about 1 in 10, only the back of the spent primer cup is coming out, leaving the sides of the spent primer still in the pocket. At first I thought is was a primer crimp, but after closer examination it's sides of the spent primer. So now, with this batch of 9mm cases, I am running them through the 550B just to decap them and inspect each one.
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