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  1. Do you have any pics of the Legion/SRO combo?
  2. I use a mixture of Lucas grease and oil that is the consistency of Slide-glide light. So far it stays on very good to about 1k rounds when I typically tear it down for cleaning.
  3. 4.0 grains of N320 with a PD 124JHP or Berry's 124 HBRN-TP is a great load. I would stay away from the coated bullets in the MPX, they just make more of a mess in the gas system.
  4. Looked at mine in a drawer just the other day. lol. Guess Rchaas is the only person with a running one.
  5. Both of mine have done it since day one. Reloads fine.
  6. Try taking some load off the release spring. I believe mine is two turns out. I have never had a problem with the 20 rounders dropping.
  7. What bullet/powder combo do you use? I have found Sport Pistol and PD JHP's are the cleanest combo. I use simple green 4:1 in a heated ultrasonic for 50 minutes every 1000 rounds. then soak them down with Weaponshield and put in a bag for next time. When I take them out to use them, I clean with Brakeclean before installing.
  8. The black bumper comes in the new PCC model. It is tapered to work with the newer bolt carrier in it.
  9. Make sure to put the black bumper in the old lower if your using the new bolt carrier.
  10. Yeah, it has been an issue for others.
  11. I would just go with the open plug...I doubt you'll notice a difference. If they happen to reassemble that one and send it back, I would still try an open. It is one piece and wont fail on you at the worst time;)
  12. Those washers are what I was referring to as springs. The assembly acts like a pressure relief, but usually clogged quick and then it was pretty much just like an open plug. I had to send my older gun in for a broken bolt carrier, so I put the original barrel assembly and this style gas plug back in it. They sent it back to me with an open plug. The new PCC model has a heavier (red) extractor spring that should treat you right for at least 5k rounds.
  13. All they are going to do is install an open gas plug...they phased out the old spring type. If you haven't shipped it out yet, don't. I'll send you an open plug to keep you running. Jimmy
  14. Lol, so was mine. I thought the same thing when I got the new gun. It was probably the small charge handle compared to my NLA. I rigged up a fixture in my vise and found they were identical to the original gen 2’s.
  15. I measured the recoil springs from the new PCC model and they are the same weight as the original gen2's. Also, Rob@ILWT has noticed the port size on the new 16" barrel was .048" and some of the 4.5" barrels lately were .052".
  16. I just passed 5,000 on my GEN2 Sig MPX PCC since getting it in February. No problems at all. Like the new bolt carrier much better. Disclaimer: I sold the folding stock, trigger, barrel and handguard before firing the first shot. Installed my old GEN2 parts (ACE stock, Hiperfire trigger, ILWT 10.5" barrel, +20 recoil springs, NLA charging handle and Isler handguard).
  17. In your shoes I would try +20 springs and the .052 setting first, then the .062 setting. Also, use the BCM extra power spring kit with the o-ring and the factory extractor. The SSI extractor is thicker in the spring area and may not take the o-ring. If you test it later, I would try the BCM insert and spring without the o-ring.
  18. I’m suggesting the +20 will have a better chance than the -13. That said, I have ran these guns over-gassed and under-sprung and never encountered the deterioration of the extractor spring the OP has encountered. But in theory I could see how it could happen. In my testing on 8 and 10.5 barrels with loads around 130-133 power factor the +20 springs are the place to start. Then increase your gas until you see 2:00 ejection at 8-10 feet. .052” port diameter is where my two guns run the best. Groups will double in size if I put stock springs in these guns. I see this as allowing the gun to unlock to early.
  19. In a locked breach DI gas system this may be the case. But in the MPX piston system, recoil spring rate does affect the dwell time before unlock. I have seen increased group size with stock or weaker recoil springs.
  20. Try the BCM extra power kit and also install the o-ring. See how it runs. I have one of my later gen2 bolts that refuse to extract reliably without it. I have another earlier gen2 bolt that is fine with ILWT spring and insert only. I have a third one that’s the latest PCC model and they came with a red heavier spring and o-ring installed. I left it as-is for now.
  21. I have heard of the shoulders of the bolts contacting the gas block before the head contacts the upper and it not letting the assembly tighten up. If that's the case, shims under the head can help. Or cutting the shoulder back.
  22. Your screw heads look like they should be deeper in. I have a two gen2's and they are more flush, like Chillywig's pic.
  23. NLA and it’s lifter work fine in the new PCC. There’s just a small gap in the lower where the tab of the newer spring retainer sits.
  24. No. The MPX recoil system is in the upper.
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