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  1. I've always taken twice the minimum for locals and twice plus for majors. More so when your carry gun isn't the same caliber and borrowing isn't easy due to load length, springs, blah, blah, blah.
  2. I was a little different than most. Mine came on accident. Crazy busy at work and I was barely able to do anything gun related for several months. Made it to a local (that we've shot together in your AR living days) and we ended up jumping a squad so we were in a hurry to shoot the classifier so we could jump back and not slow them down. It was Merle's Standards which is all the things I'm really weak at. Didn't even think about it just wanted to get done and move on, ended up with 100% and getting bumped to GM. Long way of saying my advice is to just shoot your game and
  3. Sent the email and had a response in 10 minutes. 10 minutes!!!!! I have no words for how amazing that is.
  4. I was in that same boat running an M&P in Limited minor that was originally used in IDPA. Finally ended up getting 2 used Edges that had been Dawson CRP guns. Wish I hadn't wasted so much time waiting to pull the trigger getting into the 2011 platform. The learning curve was pretty short and I can't imagine shooting anything else.
  5. Any size comparison of these to say a stock STI plastic grip? I actually run an Extreme Shooter DVC extra small because of my tiny hands, but I tend to bind the mag from falling by squeezing the grip too much during a reload. I don't want the added weight or cost of a steel grip so these look very interesting.
  6. I use a contour roam attached to my ear pro. Very simple. Other than not being able to see my footwork and posture I do find the video useful.
  7. They are like the F-150 of the shooting world. A bunch were made and everyone has had one at one time or another.
  8. I put an aftec in mine for awhile before I switched to shooting an edge. For what its worth I had 2 aftecs break in Edge's and am now running the EGW HD with no problems.
  9. This. I ordered the Dawson drill bit and it was about as easy as anything on a 2011 can be. Dawson even has a video thats less than 3 minutes long if i remember right.
  10. I started in Limited minor because I had an M&P setup for IDPA ESP and thats were it fit. Made it to the top 20 classification list of B class. Switched to Limited Major with an STI Edge and made M in about 4 months. Shoot whatever makes you happy and will keep you shooting, wether that is chasing the heat in whatever division brings the most locally, or what ever fits your fancy for speed or accuracy, etc.
  11. I only have good things to say about my Edge in 40. It's definitely not holding me back and I doubt I'll ever be able to outshoot it.
  12. I also prefer pinning because it gives me a more solid feel, no grip safety moving around. With an unpinned grip safety my biggest problem comes when trying to shoot weak handed. My little hands have a hard time getting it deactivated and making a good trigger press.
  13. I know several local guys who have theirs done like the video above. Mine came with the pin going in the MSH and the grip safety. I imagine the way Atlas does it would be easier to do and for reassembly.
  14. I'm not convinced that the extra weight is of a metal grip is beneficial. I'd like to try a one in aluminum or better yet titanium but thats crazy money. Don't think I have got to the point of out shooting the plastic grips.
  15. On the clock I don't ever recall prepping. During slow fire/group shooting I will sometimes.
  16. I would get it reliable and then shoot it until you are used to whatever the weight is. One of my 2011's is about a half pound heavier, but I only notice when I'm dry firing one after the other. Personally I like the lightest I can get because I tend to be a trigger slapper and thats less force required that might move the gun off target. I'm sitting at 90-ish in limited in case that matters.
  17. I have small hands and I'm using an Extreme Shooters DVC Extra Small grip and an X-line Flat Extra Short trigger.
  18. Thank you to all who contributed to this thread. I know this is an old thread, but it has just saved several pounds of SV from being repurposed as bon-fire ignitor. It took a good 100 drops but its now good to go. Now to get over my reluctancy of leaving the powder hopper full in my garage.
  19. tkane


    First got an edge less than a year ago and I don't plan on ever going away from a 2011 now. Bummed that it might have to eventually be something other than and edge or STI. Kinda makes me wanna get a 3rd Edge just to have a backup to the backup. I'd still have less money in 3 of them than in 1 custom 2011. I don't know that I could shoot a custom one better than I do the edge to justify the price.
  20. I have small hands and I really like the Extreme Shooters DVC extra small, enough so that I'm gonna have to get one for my backup gun because it fits me better than just the regular Extreme Shooters grip. Plenty of texture but not as aggressive as an Evo.
  21. Started competing with what I carried at the time, a Taurus 24/7 Pro Compact in 9mm. Once I realized I wanted to be competitive I went with an M&P 5" Pro in 9mm for IDPA. Found USPSA and realized that to compete in Limited I really needed to shoot major and found a Rock Island 2011, and now I'm running an STI Edge. Wish I would have found the 2011 platform to begin with.
  22. He will be greatly missed. Always had great stories and first hand experiences of the early years of USPSA.
  23. I've got 2 of the x-lines from Atlas. Very happy with them.
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