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  1. Bounty Hunter: Thank you for this information, it was exactly what I was looking for. You have confirmed my suspicion that this is nothing out of the ordinary because it is just another oil (with moly added). I appreciate you taking the time to help me realize this.
  2. To all Forum Members: Thank You for your interest in my posting, but let's keep things simple. Because I am familiar with Action lube plus, Slide Glide, and a whole bunch of other lubrication products; I'm not looking for any input that is not directly related to my question. In other words: I do not need advise outside the scope of my question and if you can not speak directly to Sprinco's Machine Gunners Lube and/or it's counterpart of Sprinco's Red Grease, please do not respond because it is not helpful.
  3. I would like to get some feedback from the shooters who use (or have tried) the combination of: 1) Sprinco's Red Penetrating MoS2 Grease (#892) on the 1911 locking lugs, sear nose/hammer hooks. 2) Machine Gunners lube on the rest of the pistol. And, what is the reason that these products are incompatable with other oils? MSDS Machine Gunners Lube for EU ISO 11014-1 PDF.pdf
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