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  1. Have windows 10, it keeps shutting down and restarting, have tried several fixes from support but nothing has worked so far.
  2. sg1911

    stock 9mm RO

    Do you use a buffer when running reduced power springs?
  3. sg1911

    stock 9mm RO

    Good question, no answers yet.
  4. sg1911

    stock 9mm RO

    Got them on order, thanks for the help.
  5. sg1911

    stock 9mm RO

    Thanks for the replies, did you change out the complete mainspring housing and internals or just the mainspring itself?
  6. sg1911

    stock 9mm RO

    I have a stock 9mm RO I am planning to use for steel challenge. The load I am using has a power factor of 128. Recoil is not to bad but muzzle rise causes me loose time realigning my sights. Any recommendations on spring changes or other necessary changes would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I have a kimber conversion that I bought about 10 years ago that have been very reliable if using good quality 22 ammo. Biggest neg itave conserning the kimber is that it is not designed to lock back after the last shot. The brownell mags will lock the slide back after the last shot . I also have a nelson conversion. It is more accurate than the kimber and is and does lock back on an empty magazine. I have used both on kimber, ruger, sig, and rock island recievers.
  8. I have had the same experience with my 9mm RO. Sent it bach to the factor , the did a refit on the slide which seemed to help some , it is as you say super reliable but nowhere near as accurate as my 40 or 45 1911s.
  9. sg1911

    200 lswc

    My kimber runs very good with 200 gr lswc at oal of 1.255 to 1.260.
  10. Nice group, I am seeing H335 showing up and staying on the shelfs in my area.
  11. I am considering buying either a Giraud Tri Way Trimmer or a Little Crow WFT. I am interested in hearing your opinions from those that have or have used these trimmers. Which would you recommend? Is there a better option for about the same price ?
  12. I have about 2000 rounds through mine, only problems were the set screw on the rear sight would work loose and the the guide rod would unscrew, a little lock tite on both solved that problem.. The gun is accurate and reliable when using Tripps mags. I have not done any modifications, it has a 41/4 lb trigger pull out of the box.. I would be interested in the mods others have made though.
  13. Try bayou bullets, the coated bullets dont smoke or lead your barrel
  14. I got a complete kit, it is my first chrono so no way to compare to other units. Unit is simple to use , down load free ap from app store and hooked up to my samsung galaxy note 4. Easy to use and store data. Tripod is not very good part of the head broke second time I used it, had to put some screws in it.
  15. I mounted a mechanics mirrow that is adjustable so I can see in the shell casings to check powder charge. Dont need to change positions a quick glance and you know you are good to go.
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