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  1. Power factor = muzzle velocity x bullet weight ÷ 1000. (note firearm weight isn't even a factor [or charge weight for that matter]). Without going to deep into it a heavier gun will have less felt recoil than a lighter one, all else being equal. http://www.shooterscalculator.com/recoil-calculator.php
  2. The scraping is no bueno (leading), more flare or seat them straighter. A MBF powder funnel or Lyman M die (depending on your setup) usually helps. Some also like the Hornady seater because it guides the bullet. I use Dillon dies on a 650 with a MBF powder funnel and it completely eliminated tip/tilt on my setup, YMMV. Is 3.6gr to 4gr the lead data for N320? If not someone who uses N320 with coated lead should chime in shortly to help out with a charge range. Short OAL's are fine. That's a pretty short OAL for a 125gr bullet but it's all about bullet profile. Only the barrel(s) should be used for determining the OAL of a particular bullet/barrel combo (don't forget the mags, if you're ever long). Check out this thread for more information:
  3. Don't worry about 0.05gr.
  4. Are the better dies worth it?? NO!
  5. They don't even look like a reputable retailer.
  6. The SB seems perfect to me, others seem too tight or too loose. Remember, your barrel(s) are the ultimate and final gauge.
  7. No, not unless you want to for some reason.
  8. Same published data range, shorten till it plunks. The OAL's listed in manuals/data are completely useless.
  9. I wish we could delete our own posts...
  10. I must be unusually lucky, I've never had a problem loading 147gr bullets at 1.08ish on my 650 while only using Dillon dies. If the PD bullets are that much of a hassle it would be cheaper (and wiser) to just change bullets. P.S. Your barrel(s) and magazine(s) are the only gauges you should be concerned about. Always determine the max OAL for a given barrel/magazine/bullet combo. You should ignore any advice which suggests lengthening that round past its verified max OAL.
  11. No, he probably meant 1.08. I load a 147gr thick plate bullet at the same length for my CZ (1.08ish). Remember, it's all about bullet profile. Factory ammo is usually loaded with "clearance friendly" bullet profiles. Measuring a factory round is useless unless you're using the exact same components, which isn't very likely.
  12. The HAP plunked at max OAL in the CZ barrel? I'm surprised. Don't forget to check magazine function. Here's a little information (none of it mine):
  13. All those bullets should work but I would look for cheaper options available in your area (coated lead?). As for powder you can go with any of the usual suspects (Sport Pistol, Clean Shot, WSF, CFE Pistol, Titegroup, HP-38/231, N320 etc.).
  14. That has more to do with the construction of the bullet than the shape of it's nose.
  15. Contrary to popular belief, compression is a good thing.
  16. No, it's ok period. These threads come up all the time and they always end up the same way. People for some reason want to believe that shortening a load so it chambers is a life altering decision. $hit, even after telling everyone I SAFELY load 3.6gr of Titegroup @ 1.08ish with a 147gr thick plate bullet (max load for an FMJ) people are still cautioning the OP to beware of the impending doom that awaits him should he decide to shorten his load. I guess at some point all you can do is sit back and laugh....
  17. You will never blow up a gun shortening a round so it chambers. Again, PUBLISHED LOAD! Don't worry, many have similar fears. Watch, soon someone will tell you to ream the chamber (fear) which is completely unnecessary in your circumstance. With that said...the choice is always yours.
  18. Completely safe. You can always shorten a published load so it chambers properly. I load 3.6gr of Titegroup @ 1.08ish with a 147gr thick plate bullet.
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