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  1. Remember, 9mm "spaces" off the case mouth and setback is controlled by sizing. Most factory ammo has a slighty more aggressive crimp because the vast majority of manufacturers use FMJ bullets. You cannot crimp as aggressively when loading plated/coated bullets. In fact, the only time I would apply a little more crimp on a 9mm round would be if I was to use them in a revolver. P.S. Although admirable, I think your experimentation with deep case expansion might prove counterproductive.
  2. Using his numbers... 22,341 x 124gr = 2,770,284gr = 395.75 lbs The bucket should have added an additional ~1.5 lbs to that guess.
  3. No abstract algebra required. Use the published charge window and shorten the round until it plunks. Done.
  4. Because there's only 5 stations you can't run a bullet feeder and powder check at the same time without combining the seat/crimp function. 1) Size 2) Powder drop 3) Powder check 4) Bullet feeder 5) Seat/crimp When setup correctly combining the seat/crimp function (not ideal) isn't the end of the world.
  5. Well, I guess 40+ years hasn't taught you very much. Best of luck to you as well. Cheers!
  6. lol, I shoot split cases that slip past my QC one last time on purpose! You're worrying for no reason.
  7. That's a scatterbrained post if I ever saw one. It's hard to tell what the actual problem is because you're all over the place. It's likely a gun problem since factory ammo is an issue but lets straighten out a few things... 1) Listen to George, plunk to determine OAL. Copying a factory round is useless. 2) Listen to Cuz, you probably have a gun problem. What gun? No one knows because you didn't tell us. 3) Improper crimp rarely affects function. Crimp for a 9mm round should measure approximately .377-.379 at the case mouth. 4) I'm not sure what
  8. I see the .354's at Midway but I've never heard/seen .354 HAP's.
  9. Dillon dies must touch the shell plate, do not back off the die.
  10. Case mouth measurement should be somewhere between .377-.379. Check a pulled bullet, no more than a faint line should be visible. Don't do this... In the meantime, tell us more about this brand new barrel that clearly isn't the problem...
  11. Titegroup is a great powder, very versatile. All reloading is dangerous, regardless of powder choice. One of the most dangerous things you can do (squib) involves little to no powder whatsoever (can't blame that one on Titegroup). Titegroup doesn't make mistakes, reloaders do. Take it slow, ask a lot of questions, be safe and you'll do just fine. P.S. It's good to hear you got a scale.
  12. One powder to rule them all! All kidding aside, iflyskyhigh is right.
  13. I'd get the 650 instead of the 750 for the exact same reason.
  14. You definitely should have bought all of them. Naturally, things here in Canada are starting to get sketchy as well. Primers are still somewhat available but hard to find and prices are starting to skyrocket. I too just "topped up" with 22K of Ginex primers (my "budget" S&B primers aren't so cheap anymore). I would have bought them all (88K) but my wife would have killed me, lol.
  15. I understand your nervousness as a new loader, we were all there once. Try to stick with published data whenever possible but sometimes, like in your case, published data from the powder manufacturer doesn't exist for your bullet weight and construction (Titegroup+147gr lead/coated lead bullet). When this happens I reference several manuals and or collect as much information from the web as possible and start with the general consensus charge. When trying to duplicate a load bullet weight and construction matter most. For instance; from my previous example you can assume that any 147gr FMJ loa
  16. It doesn't matter that 1.08 is LESS than the cited OAL if that information is useless. What happens if you find data that lists a shorter tested length? Which length would you choose then? As an example only: I load a 147gr FMJ to 1.08 over 3.6gr (max) of Titegroup (130 PF from 4" barrel). Hogdon's data applies more directly to my situation but I still ignored the OAL. No reputably published data will make your $hit explode because you shortened the OAL to fit your barrel. Lead data for lead/coated lead bullets, FMJ data for FMJ/plated bullets. Also, wouldn't it be easier to search
  17. 1) The OAL's listed in manuals/data is completely useless so it doesn't matter that yours is "shorter than listed". 2) You aren't loading an FMJ so the charging window Hodgdon provides isn't very helpful. Generally, it takes less powder to move lead (coated). 3) Other forum members who have already tested a 147gr coated bullet with Titegroup should be able to provide you with charge weights. Maybe like the information provided below? lol.
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