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  1. Per his brother's post on Facebook longtime revolver competitor, firearm's instructor, cowboy, and all around gentleman Rudolf Waldinger passed away earlier today. I had the honor and pleasure of shooting with Rudy in the early 2000's. He was a kind, humble, and polite shooter who could really burn a stage down. Rudy lived the American dream, immigrating from Austria to the US to fulfill his dream of living in the Southwest. Rudy was a veteran of the Austrian military and was very highly trained in weapons and tactics. Upon arrival in the US Rudy initially worked as a Foreign National in
  2. +1 on this, I had a Gen 1 SCS in my AR10 and had nothing but problems. Not the same problem as the original poster, mine was failure to fully chamber the next round. Switched to the Gen 2 with the heaviest spring they offer, upped the gas, and gun runs much better. Good luck.
  3. I run 4 double stack pistol mags (I shoot an S&W M&P45) plus two rifle mag holders. One rifle mag in front of my holster, one behind my pistol mag holders on my left side. If I need an extra rifle mag I place it in my right rear pocket. I use two six round and three four round California Competition shotshell holders for shotgun. I prefer these for He-Man matches because the venues I shoot in are usually pretty physical & have you laying on uncomfortable prone positions.
  4. I'm assuming you mean Heavy Metal Limited not Heavy Scope. I already shipped my ammo for Heavy Scope so there's no backing out now! See you all there!
  5. The Troy handguard is designed to clamp to a milspec barrel nut. You don't need much room between the handguard and the barrel to be considered free floated, so long as the barrel cannot make contact with the handguard while firing or if you pull/push the handguard with your support hand. I re-read your first post & saw you re-used a DPMS barrel nut, just do an image search & make sure it looks like a milspec nut.
  6. Check to make sure the barrel nut is tight enough. I know you said you don't own a torque wrench but maybe you could borrow/rent one? Once you're sure the barrel nut is tight enough then tighten the handguard screws nice and snug. For the gasblock what I usually do is block the barrel at one end, install the gasblock without tightening the set screws, then blow shop air down the open end of the barrel. You can then tune the gasblock by twisting/shifting it until the air flow sounds strongest. Then tighten down the set screws.
  7. Quag, I fly to a few matches. The easiest thing is to ship your ammo, either to the hotel you're staying at (put "c/o your name - guest arriving on such & such date" on the shipping label) or the range itself, if they allow it. Many do. Pro tip: Have a friend who lives in the area of the match stockpile leftover ammo for future matches! ?
  8. Even though I don't have a team I plan on attending with guns & gear in the event there's an opening. If not, then I plan on drinking Yuengling and heckling Bryan Ray & Brian Vaught all day!
  9. Dean, Unfortunately I have to bow out of the match. I knew in advance that one teammate wasn't able to make the match, but now my *other* teammate's family member just came down with a serious illness. Unhappy I'm going to miss this match, always a favorite of mine. Good luck to those who are shooting!
  10. Use a small base die and screw it all the way in till it touches the shell plate. Also, buy a case gauge and gauge each sized (empty) piece of brass. I recommend the JP chamber gauge as it's made for his chambers and they're very tight. Also, are you trimming the brass?
  11. CPWSA makes a nice mag holder for .308 mags. I also have Bryan's handicap in the belt real estate dept and using this holder I can squeeze one mag next to my holster. I put another mag behind my back (!) and one in my right rear pocket if it's a really big stage. As for barrel length, I went with a 16" barrel, the .308 doesn't suffer as much velocity loss as the .223 as the barrel gets shorter. Finished it off with a JP Handguard, low mass bolt carrier, and Syrac adjustable gas block. I'd second on the recommendation for an adjustable block, the .308 uses the same gas components as the .2
  12. So we're not going to get to shoot off a dead elk? Dang, I was sure JJ was gonna have that in a stage this year!
  13. It's still up in the air from what I heard last. Big question is what to do about out of state shooters entering NY with AR's. They might do an LE-only rifle class instead to avoid any legal questions.
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