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  1. Hasn’t been good since before Negan. New showrunners turned it from one of the best shows on TV to something unwatchable.
  2. I only had one bad match experience, my first. There were only about 6 on our squad and the guy who was ROing had also brought a new shooter. On one stage where you basically are forced through a corridor and just shoot through openings on either side he realized he missed an array and comes barrelling back straight towards us, barrel of his open gun which he was having all kinds of issues with and didn’t seem all that familiar with pointed right at us. No DQ. Then the shooter didnt understand the stage briefing on a Virginia count stage with mandatory shooting sequence and when he messed it up is yelling and dropping f-bombs at his friend the RO.
  3. I think the Hopkins Drill is great for getting the eyes to lead. You arrange pasters on the wall (actually two walls but kind of beside the point) instead of targets. Because they are so small, if you don’t lead with your eyes and really lock onto the paster, you will find the gun “hunting” around before settling on the target. So whether it is the Hopkins drill exactly or just using pasters in different patterns, the concept really helps.
  4. All genres of metal for the most part. And some shooting podcasts every once in a while when i can't seem to decide on a band.
  5. I always have to make sure i am looking at a specific point inside the magwell. If my reloads start going south more often than not it is because i am just looking at the magwell as a whole and not at the inside front corner. Kind of like just looking at brown vs. a specific spot on a target.
  6. May touch the right side of the trigger guard to try and relieve a little pressure on the callous that builds up on my middle SH finger but other than that, nothing. I'm the long pole in this performance tent, not my gear.
  7. Pegboard with a double straight hook. It holds my belt with all mags filled with dummy rounds. Next to that are pants with the inner belt already in the belt loops and timer attached. I just throw them on, wrap the belt and am ready for dry fire.
  8. I like Dry Hands too. I actually put it on the back of my stong hand fingers. I dont like having it on my weak hand when grabbing mags.
  9. Yeah, it was a good time. Really good variety of stages. ROs were on top of everything, the whole event ran really smoothly. And as an aside, the countryside around there is gorgeous!
  10. Welcome! I went to UD for undergrad, great school, liked the town as well. Stuck around playing in a band there for a year before coming back to Pittsburgh.
  11. Interesting because i just did the same and they didn't seem to be working as well this weekend. Was at area 8 match and it was loud, ears are kind of "tired" today. I think a good set of custom molded electics is my next big purchase.
  12. I am completely guilty of trying to get too cute in stage planning. When i see really good shooters shoot, i dont see them doing crazy stage plans full of risky shots, i see them just being very efficient. They shoot the array, move fast to the next array, dont waste time setting up or dallying before leaving, etc. I think there are times when things like shooting on the move make sense, but they are still in the context of the whole plan. Just crushing a simple stage plan will probably reap more benefits from what i have seen.
  13. Shot Area 8 yesterday, had anpretty inconsistent match. Stages varied wildly in my placement. This probably makes sense as my dryfire has been inconsistent as well leading up to the match. I think the match was laid out well, there was a variety of targets and certain ones would separate the shooters by skill, like quick disappearing targets, some mini poppers at distance, and poppers behind hard cover. While those did challenge me, the frustrating thing is i had some easy shot mikes. i need to lean more visual patience, its not that i couldn't hit those targets, it was the result of rushing like pilling the trigger on the first target of a bigger transition. definitely have some affirmation of some things i have been working on but i need to work on patience and speed overall. Seems contradictory but that is the reality. Often i spend too mush time on the sights while others i rush.
  14. BenBreeg

    Glock Gen 5

    People complain Glock doesn make big or meaningful changes, but to me they are like AC/DC, iterating on a basic, proven platform. I have big hands, so my only concern is that little cutout on the front strap, wonder if i would get pinched as i insert a mag. I dont even notice the finger grooves, so not sure that will have an effect.
  15. Switched to the Etymotics this year. They are good as far as hearing protction and it is amazing not having headphones pressing the side of my head. But they can get irritating inside your ears. I have to use the small foam tips for best fit and they are pretty coarse. You also hav to reset them occasionally throughout a match.
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