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  1. So with a new STI Staccato P Duo with a optic on it, 9mm. I could only shoot open, correct? How about without the optic?
  2. KevH, I just saw a Staccato P in 45 today. It is new, from 2019. so it has the full dust cover, but is not made for a optic mount. But you could get that milled out.
  3. Thank you for the info. Yes the Staccato would be a 2020 with the 4.4" bull barrel. The DVC L is a 5" with gold barrel, no rail, full dust cover. No use for duty though. Really stuck on this one. I wish I could fire a Staccato P just to see. I am assuming they are way better than a normal Colt 1911???
  4. 50th Birthday this year and my wife wants to get me a nice gun. I narrowed it down to these two, so far. I like the P because I could use it for duty if I wanted. But I found a new DVC L in the LGS today and I really like that. I shot my buddies DVC Tactical and it is really nice. Never shot a Staccato, but the action does not feel as smooth as the DVC.? I also would like to get back into 3-gun and maybe some other stuff, IDPA etc. Any restrictions on either of these guns that I couldn't use one is competition? Pro's and Con's of each? My first post in many years, but I am ready to get back into the game again. Thanks!
  5. Got two big boxes today from Dillion. The fun begins.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'll be loading for a Glock 22 and 27. I had read about the possible issues with clays I just wanted to be sure. Thanks
  7. Getting my new Dillion 650 on Thursday. Setup for 40 cal. I have plenty of brass. Need to pickup some bullets. I have several cans of clays. What is a goo load to produce with clays for 3 gun and practicing?? What bullet grain etc. Thanks!!
  8. The wait is killing me. Just got 5000 primers in, got cases, bullets, and powder. ready to go. Thanks for the replies. I'll let you know my progress when it gets here. Going to start with 40 for a awhile, then try different calibers. I really want to load 556 too, but it seams there is a lot of steps and issues with reloading 556. Is is better to start with non military brass to avoid all the primer issues?? Thanks,
  9. I just ordered a 650 plus all the fixings to load 40 S&W. Can't wait till it gets here!! Going from a RCBS single stage to the 650. It's going to be awesome to start punching out large batches of 40, 556, and 45. My table is all ready!! Thanks Brian!!
  10. OK. now I get it. So for general shooting, plinking, etc this does not come into play at all. Just follow a credible recipe and shoot. Just was not sure what this pertained too. Thanks for the info guys.
  11. New to the forum but I have been reloading for about 2 years. I see a lot of discussion about major or minor loads. What exactly does that mean? Thanks!
  12. Out by Tyler. Thanks for the welcomes!
  13. Great to be part of this forum. Can't wait to learn all I can. Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year!
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