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  1. KS - Your blaster in the first picture is amazingly sexy! I know this thread is old, but I had to comment on it.
  2. E-mishka, What type of issue are you having? They have a limited lifetime warranty, and should cover any issues with materials or workmanship for any owner.
  3. I didn't mean for this to end up here. Not really Sure how it did. I'D appreciate it if the moderator could move it to the factory pistol/EAA Tanfoglio section!
  4. Hey guys, and gals! I just wanted to share my customer service experience with everyone. I had always heard mixed things regarding the quality of their customer service. I bought a well used 1996 m9del wonder finish steel witness full size over Christmas. I was in love from after shooting my first 5 rounds through it. It has a wonderful feel, is very accurate, and and cost me very little money compared to some other makes. Well, a few months later, and 300 - 400 rounds through it, it had begun to shoot considerably low left. I had thought maybe I was having a bad day at the range, or had somehow knocked the rear sight. Upon arriving home from the range, I went to the bench for the usual cleaning, when I discover a chunk of the slide, under the ejection port had broken off! Yes, a chunk! I contacted EAA and explained my situation. They told me to ship it to them, and they would take care of it. I did. I received my pistol back in exactly one week from the day I shipped it! I couldn't believe it. I was very very happy with this. Upon opening, and inspecting the pistol, I had found that the slide was the updated "square" version, which is matte blue. They had noted on the work order that the wonder finish slides are no longer available. I was fine with this, as the pistol looks great in its new dual tone format. They also threw in a t-shirt and an extra magazine for my pistol! I am beyond thrilled with my experience, and consider their customer service top notch. I would recommend this pistol to everyone, and also that anyone having issues, not hesitate to contact EAA!! Sorry if this is long and poorly written. I'm trying to squeeze it in on my lunch break. I will post pictures later tonight.
  5. I clean them each time I shoot them!
  6. Im glad to report that Sharon of EAA has returned my email request. "This witness steel 40sw was imported in 04/1998." The individual on the other forum was way off when he told me 1978.. It makes me glad that I take the time to follow through with my research, instead of taking the first answer i'm given. Another Thanks to Kneelingatlas for his guidance in my quest!!
  7. Cha Lee - Thanks for trying to translate my emotion through the internet, but you missed your mark a little. Im not butt sore at all. Actually im thankful for the help I have received thus far. Also, I have emailed Tanfoglio of Italy, and I am awaiting a response, which I have been told may take a few weeks. In the mean while, I did a google search to try and satisfy my curiosity, and ended up here. Beerbear - I'd be willing to bet im not the only member on these forums that ended up here through a search, and them asked a question. In fact, I'd be willing to be that more than half the members ended up here this way. Sorry I haven't had time to make a useful contribution to this forum yet. Im glad you are able to be a constructive, and useful member on this forum though!! You offer such great insight! I understand that everyone doesn't know the answer to my question, but on a forum full of people, who have dedicated their lives to modifying and shooting a specific make of pistol, im sorry for being surprised that no one was able to offer me advice.
  8. 44 views and only one member willing/able to help a brother out? With a group of guys so deeply involved with a brand of pistol, I was expecting more of a response. There are no fellow gun junkies here, that have gone down this path before, and can offer advice or guidance?
  9. Thank you Atlas! The email has been sent. Im really looking for a production date, rather than import date. I've emailed Tanfoglio, but have heard it could be weeks before I get a response.
  10. Okay, So i've tried this twice before, and your forum keeps rejecting my post, because I'm trying to post pictures for you guys, but I don't have enough prior activity. I asked for some help over at the CZ clone club, and a member recommended I ask over here as well. I recently aquired a EAA Tanfoglio Witness in .40 s&w from a local gun shop. As usual I started my research on my new purchase, and stripped it down for a thorough cleaning and lubrication. In my research I came across the date code chart, and began my search for the boxed letter combo, only to come up empty handed. The only markings on the exterior of the pistol are the proof house mark, proof rating mark, and manufacturer's proof mark. These three marks are located on the butt of the pistol, behind the magazine well. The only other mark I was able to find is inside of the frame in the barrel channel, where there is a 3AA stamped. Does anyone know what the 3AA stands for, or where i may be able to locate a date code? Thanks in advance for your help! -Ryan p.s. how many post before i can upload pictures?
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