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  1. Pictures Verstuurd vanaf mijn Moto G (5) met Tapatalk
  2. I run two Kimbers in IPSC classic competition, both minor and major PF. The Custom TLE 2 rail has been 100% from day one. The 9MM Target needed some better magazines (dawson) and some tuning of extractor. To be honest, I bought both used. If I were to do it again I would have something build from scratch. But untill i have that money, these puppies run like the wind. (the 9 has about 25K rounds through it)
  3. My GF does not get that im dooling over a CNC machine. I explained to her: When I win the jackpot, im going to buy a Haas. her: But what does it do? I can make gunparts that function!!
  4. That above is more porn than parts!!!!!
  5. Not trying to hack this tread, but would it be nice to have some sticky post regarding standard impovements per type of Tanfoglio? Stock 2, stock 3 and the SAO limiteds? I have already documented most of my own tinkering on a limited.
  6. Really nice round-up. Please be advised that some images cannot be seen?
  7. Ill take that conefit guiderod, PM me for internatiol shipping details. Ill can pay with paypall in advance if needed
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