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  1. Chili

    2019 Canadian Nationals

    I'm booked for Summer Slam as well, that has been a bucket list match for me for a few years now.
  2. Chili

    2019 Canadian Nationals

    Was posted on CGN by the IPSC Canada Regional Director.
  3. Chili

    2019 Canadian Nationals

    Also remember minimum 120 gn bullet weight in Open for IPSC.
  4. Chili

    Can NROI amend a rule?

    Got to admit I've never read the rulebook to see how it would be worded but my understanding from day 1 was always that walls extend to heaven and hell.
  5. Chili

    2019 Canadian Nationals

    We had a few US shooters as well as some International shooters at this years Nationals, no Black Badge issue.
  6. Chili

    2019 Canadian Nationals

    That is correct, next three years are: 2019: Quebec City, Quebec at CFB Valcartier.2020: Newmarket, Ontario - Sharon Gun Club.2021: Dalhousie, New Brunswick - Restigouche Gun Club.All on the August long weekend.
  7. Chili

    Optic Ready Shadow2?

    I was also somewhat disappointed to learn it will come with no mounting options or rear sight setup stock, after buying the gun you will also need to purchase those as add ons.
  8. Chili

    Optic Ready Shadow2?

    My Understanding was aftermarket milling was allowed, below was a portion of the proposal and I believe it was accepted without change. 17.2 Aftermarket open and optical/electronic sights (see Rules and and mounting plates are permitted, provided their installation and/or adjustment requires no alteration to the handgun other than the milling of the slide in order to facilitate the installation of an optical/electronic sight.
  9. Chili

    Optic Ready Shadow2?

    I was told ours for the Canadian market would be manufactured in November. During the release at IWA (I believe) I had one of our distributors ask that question and CZ stated it would not meet CO weight.
  10. Over insertion depends on the basepads. Stock mags were no issue, nor were the Springer Precision pads but with Shockbottle pads I would jam the gun every time I went to slidelock. There are a couple of other brands that are good and bad for this but can't recall which is which at the moment.
  11. Unfortunately I haven't, and I am also not certain that is the cause now. I ruined my Level 3 Provincial Championships this past weekend with jam after jam and I am trying to see if I can figure out the cause on video. Every single stoppage I had this match was a double feed and I am starting to wonder if the stock recoil setup isn't too stiff as my brass doesn't eject anywhere near as far as it did with my Shadows. I made 131.7 at Chrony so my ammo is exactly where I want it. If I can't figure out something in the next few hours I will likely put the Q away for a few weeks until I can play with it as I have the Canadian Nationals next week. Was very disappointing as I love the gun but can't go into a big match wondering how many time a stage I am going to get a jam. Edit: After analyzing my video I must be riding the slide just a touch and slowing it down, on each double feed the brass barely clears the knuckles of my strong hand and then the gun jams. Shots with no jam the brass ejects pretty consistently a few feet back and right.
  12. It also would not be legal in IPSC Production Optics so I'd stick to the Talon sandpaper grips. My biggest issue in the transition from the Shadow and Shadow 2's has been my weak hand getting too high and riding the slide and/or bumping the controls. I have had both sides of the slide not locking back on empty and accidentally locking the slide back mid stage. I don't really find the flip or recoil to be a big deal compared to the CZ's
  13. Chili

    Drills for getting used to red dot

    I have found this to be a huge hurdle in the transition to the dot, when I start to struggle I will find at times my focus has come back to the gun and I am looking through the window at the dot.
  14. Chili

    Shadow 2 RDS Production legal?

    Can't be one without the other. Current rules most regions are using for the trial are Production approved gun, there is no separate list for Production Optic division.
  15. Chili

    new Shadow 2 Optic Ready from factory

    The sucky part of that solution is that I then do not have a backup gun for either when traveling for a Major match. Either way 1st world problems, I'll figure out a solution that works for me.