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  1. Chili

    DQ event

    Thanks, used some of that as a search term and found the same rule verbatim in the IPSC rule book, just missed it on my previous search.
  2. Chili

    DQ event

    You want to "pick nits" this was an IPSC match so the command is Load And Make Ready, unless it is an unloaded start.
  3. Chili

    DQ event

    I normally just ask the shooter to cross his arms across his chest while the person goes down range. I also am ready the moment the range is clear and once again issue the Load and Make ready command so there would be no chance of the gun coming out prior to my command. @adamge did Martin challenge the DQ to the CRO/RM? I would suspect they would have a hard time citing the rule to up hold the DQ but now I am curious. Brings up another other issue is we routinely run two stages hot during our indoor season here, never had an issue (short of one dropped loaded gun) but I could see it being a potential for issues as well since it is not explicitly spelled out in the rule book.
  4. Keep in mind because they list stuff online doesn't necessarily mean they have it in stock as I know they drop ship from some of their suppliers.
  5. Chili

    DQ event

    First USPSA rules are pointless as this was an IPSC match. I've seen this happen on many occasions over the years, usually not a big deal it is generally pretty clear to all involved what is going on but there is nothing in the rule book specifically I can cite that covers it, so yes by the book the shooter should be unloaded and shown clear etc. Yes the RO should have caught the unsafe action but they are human and miss stuff, the DQ after the fact when someone else weighs in is a bit dodgy. Question for the shooter, even if confused by the situation why are you taking a sight picture at an IPSC match during your loading process?
  6. Since you all seem to be using the same unit of measure could you share it? I'd like to compare my results but based on these numbers they are a different unit of measure.
  7. All good unless you use it. I primarily shoot IPSC where I can use magnets so I don't change my rig for USPSA and have shot multiple Area and Section matches in both Production and CO with a Magnet on my rig, just not used without issue.
  8. As has been stated this is a single string so there is no time to peruse the targets after the beep. The most common gaming of this classifier (in Canada due to 10 round mags other places may differ) is to burn your 6 rounds from 25 yards literally as fast as possible while moving the gun across the targets, then make sure you get two hits on each at 15, at 10 you take a makeup on targets 1 , 2 & 3 as well as your 2 shots and then at 7 you take the makeup on targets 1,2& 3 as well as your 2 per target. A lot of lower class shooters will end up just emptying the gun at 7 when the A zone looks like it needs more hits.
  9. Not very likely, my ammo is usually spot on and always chrono's in the same 1-2 PF range. the vast majority of the time in these cases the first hit on the popper moves it enough that any hit at all a second time and it goes, unfortunately for me on this one I called my shot good and moved on turning away from it so never realized it was standing until we went to score.
  10. To be clear in my case the popper was not an activator. To add insult to injury the RM didn't have a calibration gun handy so I agreed to let him calibrate with my gun, kicked in the nads by my own equipment and ammo lol.
  11. I lost a calibration call at the Minnesota Sectional last year, my ammo made 134 PF at chrony so not shooting near the limit. Next shooter is a Major shooter and popper barely falls, after he is done they determine they need to adjust the popper, that one left a sour taste in my mouth.
  12. When I was loading 9 with the SDB I was having similar failure rates. Check the press to make sure shellplate is tight and that the compression bumps are not worn down on the blue friction plate . Beyond that I started using case lube and found my reject rate dropped to 2 or 3 per 100, for those completed rounds I simply ran them through a Lee Bulge Buster in 9x18 Makarov so that the brass was completely resized.
  13. Same mount pattern as an RTS2 or Vortex Razor, I used one last season on my Carry Optics gun and now have it mounted on my Open gun.
  14. Are you using the same solution you used with pins? I was considering trying Brass Juice and no pins.
  15. That advice most certainly does not apply to N320.
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