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  1. Being an IPSC shooter and only shooting USPSA between 5-10 times a season I tend to trend low in the A-Zone when I head South to shoot.
  2. December 2018 I initiated a warranty claim on a broken Trubor, hoping June 2020 might be the month I finally have my replacement. Would like to at least shoot it before the Canadian government adds handguns to their bans.
  3. The inclusion of the Mini 14 is strictly based on the fact it was used in the 1989 Polytechnique shooting, The Beretta PX-4 made the list as it was used at another school shooting at Dawson college.
  4. Got a chance to zero mine last night and run it through it's first live fire session. Dig the extra window size and it is very bright, ran it at it's lowest setting which is something I've never even come close to doing on any of my previous dots, I tended to run them darn near max brightness.
  5. Yes, After a few years using 6 MOA Alpha 2's I decided to try 8 on the recommendation of FTP Shooting Sports. He is a hell of a lot better shooter than I with a ton more experience in the open game than me so I took his advice. The thing is so bright it's incredible, the difference is night and day to every dot I have used in both CO and Open. I am also happy to be done with the lock screws as I lost one previously.
  6. Glad to finally have one of the Alpha 3's in hand, First dry fire session today and that window is Huuuuge! Thanks FTP!
  7. I saw your post and for me I don't think that will work for a couple of different reasons. My space is pretty tight and my press is just a bit over two feet from the back wall, filling it would be very difficult at that gap as I couldn't get at it from either side. For that reason I am looking to mount from the ceiling joists almost directly above station 3 on my 650.
  8. I tried a while back and Rick said he just moved and wouldn't be unpacked for a bit. Waited several months and then tried again twice but got no response so went looking for other solutions.
  9. Any chance of you posting pics from both sides of the one on your press? Just trying to figure out what is bolted through each hole and what the set screws are for?
  10. Can anyone see a downside to the video I posted? Pretty simple, drilling of two holes in the plate and you are set, still angle adjustable as well. I think I am going to try that setup, the only thing I am thinking may be an issue is if it will tend to slide on the pipe with only one u-bolt versus 2 in these other designs.
  11. I came across this on facebook, can be done without the bracket.
  12. I shoot with several Open shooters that have been running them for quite some time now including FTP_Shooting_Sports. I own a pair of the original Alpha 2 Optics, one that has been on my CO gun for over 20k rounds and one on my open gun that has surpassed 20k rounds now, looking forward to upgrading to an Alpha 3 for the open gun when this shipment arrives!
  13. At Nationals I drew to pretty much a full A. http://engstrom.ca/webposts/private/stage3.mp4
  14. We pushed for that in Canada and the indirect feedback seemed to be they are selling the guns faster than they can produce them so why just build uppers? Perhaps over time as sales taper off?
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