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  1. Same story for me on an older Trubor but I still don't have my replacement, been waiting since March.
  2. The wall was inside the shooting area so no penalty, if it was outside a procedural for each shot fired.
  3. I've seen a bit of both, in some matches they simply send me one as soon as they notice I am a foreign shooter and others have a generic one posted where I add my info but that is not real common, the more common is me requesting one and getting it directly. It's almost a waste as It is no longer required for me to have one to get a form 6 like it was in the past but if the border agent asks and I don't have it then it can become a major issue even though it is technically no longer required. I think I have been asked to produce my match invite twice in the last 40 or 50 crossings.
  4. Most of the US Letters use a template that in the past was readily available from the USPSA website. I've had match directors act like I'm trying to pull something on them requesting the letter but it is as simple as if US Customs asks for it I need it as well as my ATF Form 6 to cross the border or they can turn me around. This is a basic copy of a match invitation taken from mine recently received for USPSA Hicap Nationals. Because this one was for Nats and came for HQ it's signed by Foley otherwise it's usually simply the match official in charge of registration or the match director. I've also had blanket ones for club matches that simply lists their schedule for the season on the invite so I don't need to get one every two weeks. August 26, 2019 John Doe 123 Any Street Winnipeg, MB R2C 3K7 Canada Dear Mr. Doe, You are cordially invited to attend the USPSA HiCap National Championship to be held September 22-September 28, 2019 in St. George Utah. DO NOT DISCARD THIS LETTER. As a visitor to the United States, you will need this letter to qualify for a “Form 6” import permit allowing you to bring your firearms into the United States. You will be asked to present an itinerary, and may be asked to show your USPSA membership card (we suggest you attach copies of both to your Form 6 application). As a competitor, you qualify for the sport shooting exemption that allows a foreign national to possess a firearm while attending shooting events in the United States. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) you must submit a copy of this letter, along with your Form 6 application to the BATF Import Branch in Washington, D.C. 90 days prior to your travel dates to ensure the paperwork will be completed on time. A separate Form 6 is needed for each event you attend. Please pay close attention to this requirement while traveling in our country. For more information on the import process, go to the following BATF website: http://www.atf.treas.gov/firearms/022002form6updates.htm . Then contact the BATF Import Branch directly at (202) 927-8320 for a form with instructions. If you have further questions, please contact me at the numbers listed on this page. Sincerely, Mike Foley USPSA President
  5. Chili

    Carry optics dot

    Another option for a dot similar in features to the Romeo 3 Max would be the FTP Shooting Sports Alpha 3 Optic, I've been using the Alpha 2 Optics for over a year on both CO and Open guns and will be adding an Alpha 3 in the near future if my replacement DVC Open ever arrives. Check out this thread for some details
  6. Chili

    Carry optics dot

    This is laughable, that is like saying the new car you picked up last month is awesome as it hasn't needed any repairs like your 2015 with 100k miles.
  7. I used an Alpha 2 on my Production Optics Shadow last year, likely around 15,000 rounds I had switched to it after trying a Vortex Viper and Deltapoint Pro, it was a big improvement. This year I have my second Alpha 2 on an open gun and it is at about 10k rounds for the season and flawless. If my replacement DVC Open ever arrives I am going to put an Alpha 3 on it as my current gun mount has a blast shield.
  8. So you set it high enough it just barely touches? With the regular Sharpies I started at that and in the end the best results though still not what I hoped was to have them right down against the wheel it seemed. Haven't fiddle with the brush tips yet to make them fit.
  9. And you added some tape to the Brush tip Sharpie as well to keep it in place it appears in the photo? I haven't been thrilled with the markings I am getting from the regular Sharpies so I picked up some brush tips tonight but they as just a touch small for the large opening and o-rings. Can't find any markers locally so far the size of the Edding markers they mention.
  10. Which 15# spring and did you grind the guide rod and run it uncaptured?
  11. I'm trying to help a new shooter buddy who bought a P10F as his first pistol. First range trip I brought a bunch of my ammo that is 134PF in my Shadow and they wouldn't cycle in his gun, after a couple of boxes of factory ammo my stuff would run but barely eject. Are there any options other than CGW for springs? I would order from them but they won't event talk to Canadians so I need to find a more common source of lighter springs. Also ok to simply alter the guide rod for spring replacement and run it uncaptured?
  12. Doesn't make it paperless but we use little bluetooth printers that instantly provide a "receipt" of your stage results when you hit approve.
  13. Did you ever try the dumping rounds down the chute versus getting them as they come off the press? I'm curious as well as I usually tumble my lube off before marking.
  14. Chili

    Bul Armory?

    The entire line on the Canadian distributors site has 5.01" barrels, no 5.4" model.
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