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  1. Good to know. Appreciate you chiming in here. I'll play with it more next week when I pick it up.
  2. Stopped by my FFL right before they closed. Have to wait till Tuesday to pick it up as did the paperwork, but he had to get going. Got to get my hands on it and will check it out more Tuesday, but when pulling charging handle back and pressing bolt catch the bolt is not staying back. I know it it won't stay open after last round fired but thought bolt catch is still to hold bolt back when you pull handle back and press the lever. I'll play more with it Tuesday. Other than that, it looks really nice.
  3. Excellent news. Hope you get the C-more in a few days and can be shooting next week. Hoping to pick mine up tomorrow. I have an MRO on one of my other rifles that I'm going to mount on this one.
  4. Congrats! Nice your FFL could bring it to the range, now that's service.
  5. Good to know. Hopefully it will be to your FFL in the next few days. Post up once you get it. Mine arrived, just can't get off work in time to pick it up. Hoping this weekend.
  6. Yeah, I'd probably give them a call or shoot a note to them. Let us know what you find out.
  7. Thanks for the update jualdeaux!! That little bit of play between upper and lower is normal for AR patterned rifles. That's why there's products out there like Accu-Wedge, that help to eliminate that play. I ordered the red/black also that why I was asking how you liked the color. The pics you posted earlier in this thread (from CK FB, I believe.) are really sharp and look like a burnt red color. The last couple pics on their FB when they announced more rifles were shipping they almost look like a pink-red. Hoping it's just the lighting. fbzero, hope you get your sh
  8. Their site has it at 6.5 lbs. And it has the Taccom barrel model at 5.5 lbs.
  9. Too funny. Hadn't really thought about it till your post. Obviously you haven't shot it but what's your initial thoughts after getting it in your hands. Earlier post you said you were going with the 16" model. What color option did you go with? I usually go with black but thought I'd try the red/black model.
  10. Received my shipping notification. Really looking forward to getting my hands on it.
  11. Thanks for your response Moller72. Glad to hear your first impressions. I just placed my order for the Taccom barrel version a few moments ago. Looking forward to its arrival.
  12. Thanks for the response Neomet. Pretty sure I'm going to place an order today. Just have to figure out which model. Figure for the price point it looks hard to beat. Thanks.
  13. Looks like the $999 price ends this evening. Have been doing research and CK Arms seems to get very positive reviews. Guessing their entry into the PCC world should be of high quality as well. Really liking this model and JP and Sig are out of my budget. Will be using this to shoot steel matches and probably hit a USPSA match or two now that there is a PCC division. Just wondering what folks thoughts are on the 16 in model or the Taccom barrel model. Leaning towards the Taccom model as it is a little lighter and thinking can run the same load in the PCC as I do in my 5.25 XDm. Just wondering
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