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  1. Jack, where do you file the hammer? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. If ur afraid parts flying, I usually use those 3M blue painters tape over the slide while I punch a slave pin through or something. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. thanks guys.. broke her out of jail on 12/29 and since then already ran 700 rds through her. slowly but surely breaking her in... i would love to get my hands on a SP01 tactical.. but haven't found on in LGS up in norcal. @kneelingatlas: i usually go to SD for work, but hopefully one of these day i'll let you know in advance and arrange a meet up. but definitelly feeling the love affair already....
  4. Thanks DGS. I'm very new to gun smithing. Where is that located at?
  5. I got the spring kit with the extended firing pin. The kit came with 11.5# & 13# hammer spring. I also got the compact 14# recoil spring for my P01. Tried it with the 11.5# and 14# recoil on Wolf 9mm ammo. Got light strike... 從我的 用 iPhone 發送
  6. ClayK: thanks for the tip. i will try using that as the slave pin.
  7. Thank will call them and see what they suggest
  8. Ok. I have the P01, do I haven't removed the decocker yet since I'm waiting for my slave pin to arrive. Once I have that, I'll figure out which side are engaging with the hammer.
  9. sorry, i'm very new to smithing, but which part on the sear should i polish? are there any photos with circle or arrows on which section to polish?
  10. ok.. just wanna make sure that i can use regular wet/dry 800 or 1000 grit to do the job.. by the way can this part be removed without removing the extractor portion?
  11. did you also use 500 grit sandpaper on here or just use some metal polish with dremel to buff it?
  12. right now my P01 is all stock. i saw the post on the CZ tuning 101 and was overwhelmed. the extractor part is what scares the crap out of me. is there a way to lighten the hammer and trigger without going through all that? i heard you can change out the trigger and hammer spring and will have a big benefit already over the stock ones. is that right? if so, which springs to get? i know CGW and CZC both carry spring kits.. just not sure which ones to get. thanks!
  13. hi all.. after a year of searching for my first handgun.. i'm glad i jailed a P01. hope to learn and hear from fellow P01 owners...
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