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  1. Rucker61

    CJ Maven

    But look how happy CJ is working on CZs. Who would want to deny that young man that much joy?
  2. Competition: P10f; carry: P10c or P10s.
  3. What's the best way to cut the outer belt to length?
  4. A lubrication "die" for station 1 to lubricate in process.
  5. I've got a box of 500 of the Xtreme 124 gr plated HP in 9mm, and I'd like to load them up for plinking by wife and friends to keep them from shooting up my competition rounds. We'll be shooting them in a Shield, G43, Ruger LCR, CZ P01 and CZ 75 Compact. I've got Bullseye, Unique, Titegroup and VV N320. I can also get N330 and N340. Looking for low-mid velocities. What say ye?
  6. Very happy with my Velocity trigger.
  7. I shot the aftermarket fiber optic sight off of my M3K this weekend. What size replacement screw do I need?
  8. In the outlaw matches we shoot out on the Pawnee, the typical shotgun start load is 2, sometimes with one chambered, sometimes not.
  9. I don't mind priming on the LCT. Both of my hand primers bit the dust.
  10. I have the SP-01 Tactical for 3 gun, and put in all of the Cajun Gun Works parts with new springs, new sights and the CZC competition hammer. Still have the rubber grips, as I haven't been able to try the aluminum ones yet.
  11. Rucker61

    P-01 Kydex Holster

    What did you find with your P-01 in your SP-01 holster? I find that my P-01 fits a bit tightly in my SP-01 Blade Tech DOH.
  12. Thanks, Garmil. Ordered one last night.
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