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  1. Instead of Pledge can you use Carnuba car wax?
  2. What and where is the 'sled' spring that you checked?
  3. I have the 7.5" mount and the ergo roller handle. The top of the handle is 14.75" from the bench top
  4. Check to see if the ball bearings, in the dropper assembly, are in the correct holes for the bullet you are using?
  5. I agree that the clear primer tubes would not contain a primer explosion and that they are prone to static electricity. The use of these clear primer tubes would to pick them up from the flip tray or to fill them using the RF100 or the Franklin vibrating primer feed, not to use them in the press. I am sure that the static electricity can be minimized by passing a dryer sheet through them just like others use the dryer sheets in the powder hopper. I have never heard of a primer detonation outside of the press primer feed system.
  6. When using an automated primer tube filler, any primers that get in upside down, would not be noticed until set in the brass. Of course a clear primer filler (pickup tube) would allow an inspection prior to loading into the primer feed system. So I am wondering if anybody has tried this or if they are available to purchase or make.
  7. I have the Lee 9mm MAKAROV FCD (SKU 90807) and I can not get it to work with my Bulge Buster. The cases get stuck and no matter how much effort I use the case will not go through the die. And yes the Crimp portion is removed.
  8. Hank80, I am interested in this can you provide more details?
  9. Lymans 49th Edition states that for a 115 gr Jacketed HP and Titegroup with a OAL of 1.090: Starting: 4.0 Grains Max Load Grains: 4.5 Velocity: 1046 to 1119 I currently have an XDS 3.3" I load my Xtreme Copper jacketed 115 grain bullets with 4.0 grains Titegroup with a OAL of 1.12. My measured average (25 rounds) velocity is 1093.0 fps. Per Lyman's 49th Edition Max OAL for the 9mm is 1.169 I went with the lowest load that will operate the slide properly while minimizing felt recoil.
  10. 45 ACP/GAP Seat Die Dillon Part Number 11628 - 23.45 45 ACP/GAP RN Seat Stem Dillon Part Number 12476 - $8.95 Dillon Order Page https://www.dillonprecision.com/square-deal-b-individual-dies-parts_8_48_25288.html
  11. 78Staff My Labradar does not like rechargeable batteries. I also take them out when not in use. The same batteries have lasted for over 500 timed shots with no shutdowns like you are experiencing. Have you checked the ARM Time and Screensaver settings?
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