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  1. I guess i should have said "is". I had to "tap" it out and then "tap" it back in the only time I've had it out.
  2. Yup, mine was the same way.....
  3. This is starting to look promising! Aaron, do you have a link for the tubes?
  4. I'm not sure if its the frames that are different dimensions/tolerances or if its that the STI mags can be so different mag to mag but my guess is its a combination of both. I do know that out of the 3 STI's I bought one would go in tight and not drop free but would come out with a strong shake, one would go all the way in but it was so tight it had to be knocked out from the top, and the 3rd wouldn't even go 3 inches into the gun before getting stuck. Once I got over the horror of beating the !@#$ out of brand new $65 mags that I wouldn't be able to return it just came down to a matter of time, testing, beating, pounding, sanding, testing and repeating until it would run right. As far as sanding or squeezing, I'd prefer the sanding/grinding as a first choice. Squeezing would work to an extent but then often create issues with the followers not running right. I wouldn't realize that until I'd put the mag back together and then have to go back, take it apart and re-squeeze to corrected the issue. Then the mag would bind up again and I'd start all over. All in all, I probably have 3-4 hours of beating on the 3 mags to get them to run right but at least now I have a total of 5 usable mags including the two factory's.
  5. I've been able to get STI 140's to run in mine but its taken ALLOT of massaging....think dremel, belt sanders, squishing in a bench vise, etc. There was a huge variance in the shape/size of the 3 that I got and some needed more work than others but the biggest struggle with all of them was to get them to drop free. These mags certainly won't win any beauty contests after being worked over but they are running 100% now although they won't lock back...but I guess I can live with that for now. My other big frustration was with the factory mags coming apart. Running at indoor matches and having the factory mags hit the concrete floor would cause them to explode in a yard sale of parts just about every time. Springs in one direction, followers in another, base pads who knows where. It got to be a pretty comical sight after awhile with the local shooting squad.
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