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  1. ZachJ

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    No safeties, the DA first shot is the safety. Also, usually can't engage the safeties while decocked on most Shadows.
  2. ZachJ

    CZ Shadow 2

    Shadow 2 is $1379 in Canada
  3. ZachJ

    Raw Points

    Was there any steel on those stages? Practiscore doesn't include steel hits. Scratch that, still doesn't add up even if i add 6 steel hits, and penalties aren't counted towards raw points either, so there can't be any unlisted procedurals. Strange. Not sure what's going on with your match results and practiscore, but normally raw points is the points total of all your hits on a given stage before penalties. That's how it should normally work anyway.
  4. ZachJ

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    I'm wondering since parts dimensions are different whether they did or didn't copy the stock 3 design, and I can't use most of my spare parts kit in a tanfo. Wondering what I would have to buy in terms of spare parts for a Shadow 2.
  5. This is a video that has me (white shirt, shorts), and one of our club's M shooters stages for comparison. Off the bat, I can tell that he tends to split faster than me, and I get moving quicker most of the time. Any observations you have would be welcome. I am also wondering if anybody has the time (and can deal with the fact that it's vertical), to put it through shotcoach. I have individual stage videos if that would make it easier. I do not have any iOS devices or I would have bought it instead. Thanks!
  6. ZachJ

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    What height, and width are the front sight? What diameter fiber rod does it take? Especially compared to the fiber on the current shadow, which i believe is 5.5mm tall, 3.1mm wide and uses a 1.5mm wide fiber. I'm assuming the dovetail for the front sight is the same as the current CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, correct? Grips look different, wondering what grip options they'll be offering if they are different? I'm curious about the safety. Everytime I see it from the right side, it's flat, but on the left side it's flat or extended. Is it flat on both sides, flat on the right & extended on the left, extended on both, or interchangeable? Will they be releasing different sets of safeties? Will the extended safeties work in the current CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow? Would really like to try the extended safety on it. Are they still using the staked trigger pin that has to be replaced when taken out? I know you mentioned that the slide is longer, which might mean a longer recoil spring, and if so what weights are they gonna offer for recoil springs? Thanks Rob!
  7. Unsubbing from thread, just bought for $165 on Monday :/ On another note, can I dry tumble with corn cob media, or stainless pins?
  8. If you take a look on the hodgdon site, look up the 125gr you'll see sierra fmjs which are 4.1-4.4 I think.I have some plated 124gr that I'm loading at 4.2gr since 4 has occasional problems with knocking down plates.
  9. The czc comp hammers are from czub, and the shadow hammers are pulled from shadows, if you ever get a non decocker cz, I've found both to be pretty equal. This: http://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/cz-comp-hammer-decocker-only.html Is the one you need for your tac, since the hammer hooks are a different shape I believe.
  10. I have been using some campro 124gr hollow points, which have a max OAL of 1.100" to pass plunk test, and spin freely in my CZ SP01 Shadow. The charge weight I've been using is 4.1gr of TG. I just got some campro 124gr round nose. From plunk test and spinning freely, the max OAL is 1.160". I double checked in my 85B and Jericho 941 RPL as I thought my barrel might have been out of spec, but it passes in them too. I also checked the projectile dimensions, and it's the same length as the hollow points, and same diameter, .355" I'm asking what OAL I should load at, I've heard load as long as I can, which I would make 1.140", but do I lose any velocity by loading this long as opposed to say 1.100"?
  11. You really have to smack it if you're using mallet + starter punch. I put mine in a vise and gave it some very hard and focused hits to get it moving.
  12. ZachJ

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    That makes sense, except the current shadow is about $900-$1000 CAD here, and I think czcustom has them for about $900 USD.... So here's hoping for a cheap upgrade.
  13. ZachJ

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    Was asking about the sights since I wasn't sure about the gun's price & whether I'd be switching over soon after it came out. $2400 though, I thought it would be more around $1200-$1500.
  14. ZachJ

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    How much do you think they'll go for in Canada, if they get sold here?
  15. ZachJ

    CZ Shadow broke

    It was the magazine/trigger bar spring screw. It loosened which makes sense as to how the gun got even more "non-functional" as I shot more rounds. Still really peeved as to how it worked its way loose. I'm pretty sure it was staked when I first got the CZ. It's been cleaned and blue loc-tited and retightened. Everything works like normal now.
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