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  1. I think you have that backwards emjbe. The higher section in usmc1974's pic is the receiver. The Armalite pattern receivers i have dealt with take a high pattern rail. Guntec doesn't specify high or low but, it looks like they are using DPMS low rails. The reference links for which height you need are good. Barrel nut threads are the same. The rail heights are different.
  2. I have 2. The rifle in the pics is my Open rifle. I also have 1 on my recently finished Heavy Optics rifle. So far, I really like them. The only major match I have tried it at was the 2018 Rockcastle Pro-am. Was set to run it other big open terrain matches (my match flavor preference) but, family circumstances have put those on hold.
  3. You will still see some of the windage knob in the sight. I tried the XSkel offset but it pulled the dot in too close and the view was almost completely blocked. The camera view shows the knob blocking more than what my eye sees behind the rifle.
  4. Warne 34mm XSkel scope mount. Short riser under the red dot.
  5. JP Rifles 45° offset mount. I did have to put a short riser (don't remember the exact height).
  6. Heard about a few aluminum grips cracking with major loads. Haven't heard of steel/stainless steel grips cracking.
  7. 3" length x 1" diameter for every division with the exception of open division. I haven't run into a 3-gun ruleset yet that is different.
  8. Fail to see why it wouldn't be within the rules. It's 1x (no magnification). I don't know of any matches/rulesets that forbid BDC dials or reticles in heavy.
  9. I don't like to hear the property has been split and talk of "User Agreements" doesn't leave me optimistic on the future of the Pro-Am or Blue Ridge.
  10. I'm interested if the: A.) Company is legit B.) Tubes are built durable enough Like the look though.
  11. A stage with 9 slugs. A semi-blind stage with 30ish rounds of pistol and 60ish rounds of rifle. Did I see something about a stage gun and dragging something? Challenge... Accepted.
  12. But, I bought them for me not to please others. I look at them not as just muzzle brakes but, also as anti-crowding devices. They work well for both.
  13. I have a couple of Titans. I really don't notice an overpowering concussion behind the rifle unless I get into a really confined area. Everyone else complains about it.
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