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  1. I’m relatively new to pistol shooting, but have a high end 1911 & 2011 and was wondering what would be the essentials for cleaning such high end pistols. I’ve never cleaned them before, but will need to shortly after a marksmanship course I’m doing. I’m guessing I’ll need a nylon cleaning brush, slide glide, a nylon coated one piece cleaning rod & patches. I hoping I could have others with more experience tell me what I need and what the best brands are?
  2. I was just wondering do most here use a nylon coated cleaning rod to clean their pistol barrels? I recently purchased two very expensive custom pistols and are wondering what are cleaning equipment musts for such pistols?
  3. Downward tension is in the wrist of the support hand only right?
  4. I just read that Larry Vickers does not think the double stack 1911 is as reliable as a single stack 1911. Any ideas why? It just got me thinking and all military 1911s seem to be single stack (e.g. Colt CQBP).
  5. Thanks for the reply RangerTrace, but I was told the signature grip and tactical micro pockets are for high capacity only which is unfortunate as I wanted both.
  6. Thanks for the replies I was just asking generically, as I’m trying to figure out what would be more conducive to a better grip. Wouldn't the wider body make it harder for most?
  7. Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately I really can't take advantage of the high cap design with a 10 round limit. Generally what would be considered to have the better grip a SVI single stack or double?
  8. Thanks for the replies. I was just shooting a Glock 9mm at a stationary target on the range. The problem is I get shaking and am exhausted after 50 rounds. 'You should grip until you shake, "maximum effort", and then reduce pressure until you stop shaking' I’ll give this a go thanks. Any tips for making sure the wrist of the non firing hand is locked correctly?
  9. What in your opinion provides a better 1911 grip single stack or double stack?
  10. I’ve been told by my coach that my grip is too hard on the pistol and he said I should imagine the pistol as a paper cup, I’m just wondering how hard should the correct grip be?
  11. AMP I was going with the Tactical Micro Pockets, but is there that much advantage to the Aggressive Micro Pockets? RangerTrace due to pistol laws in Australia I have a ten round magazine limit so it will probably be a lot lighter making weight not such an issue.
  12. Do you need fluting with a FLDC?
  13. I’m after a 9 mm pistol that has the ruggedness of a tactical pistol with the accuracy of a match pistol. Brandon has provided afew recommended characteristics, but I’m keen to hear what others here would recommend for such a pistol. What type of mainspring housing would others recommend (flat, arched, wedged)? And would it be recommended to get the stirrup cut?
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