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  1. I was killing some time at work tonight and was getting sucked down the rabbit hole that is youtube and came across this gun that maybe hitting the us this year. I think it is a pretty unique and innovative design with the barrel being in the frame. Seems to shoot pretty flat. No clue if it would be production legal or not . If it proves to be reliable I could see it gaining a following in uspsa.
  2. Area 8 was definitely a great match. It was very well run, had a great mix of stages that tested one's abilities, and lunch was by far the best grub I have had at a match. Great job by those that put it on. It was only the second match I have shot at ontelaunee and both were well done. If you haven't shot there before it's well worth the trip.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Seems most everyone is thinking the extractor tension like I was. I know it's not dirty and neither is the channel it goes in because I'm one of those weirdos that clean it before every match. I'm thinking that if it loss tension it's not putting enough pressure on the spent case to ensure it hits the ejector fully or in the right spot. I also remember the extractor used to require a lil more pressure to remove it from the channel and it was coming out rather easily. I did a lil adjustment as suggested. Will test it when I get back from area 8. Thanks everyone, I do appreciate it.
  4. I'm looking for y'all's help in diagnosing a malfunction. I have a kimber 1911 , I know some will hate on kimbers but mine has been pretty much 100% reliable for over two years and around 15k rounds, that is having a weird malfunction. During the process of the slide moving back to eject, the spent case is not ejecting and the slide moves forward feeding a new round into the chamber with spent case still on the extractor right behind it. It started off with it happening once at two different matches. Then twice at the last match. I thought it might have been the recoil spring being a lil heavy for the ammo I was using Atlanta arms ( which it never did before).But switching to a lighter spring did not help matters and seemed to have made it worse when I went to the range today. I played around with my grip and tried to determine if it may be a magazine issue but didn't see a definite pattern. Ejector looks fine. I'm sure I'm not the first to have this problem. Thinking maybe the extractor needs to be re tensioned??? Any help would be appreciated and the first round is on me if your ever in my neck of the woods. Dave
  5. Shooting it Saturday PM. Stages look interesting on paper.
  6. I had some work done, which included fitting a svi trigger, by Bobby on my single stack gun. He did an amazing job and if I remember correctly my gun was only gone for about a week, not sure what his turn around time is now though. He is also very responsive via email and answered all my questions up front. I would not hesitate to use him again.
  7. Is registration still open for this match or has it filled up already?
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