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  1. Consider the KE ARMS SLT series. These are great feeling triggers and have been holding up in our MPX's as well as blowback AR's. Little to no take up and very short reset IMHO.
  2. For my MPX's I have switched to the IN LEAD WE TRUST open gas plug, which basically allows open access from the gas port in the barrel to the gas opening in the block where the plug goes in. My pistons come out hard as they need to run dry to make the gun run reliably longer. Running dry seems to go against conventional thought process, however if you lube in there it turns to goo in short order. Found this out the hard way at a USPSA match. I would try one of the open gas plugs to see if it makes a difference. ILWT is a great resource!!! Good luck and stay safe.
  3. I also have had the firing pin and channel so gooed up that I had to pull the firing pin out with a needle nose pliers from using to much lube. Each attempt to fire produced a trigger release and a hammer drop noise with a subsequent dead trigger. Clearing the gun by re-charging only produced a same result. It took a bit to clean/clear the FP hole in the bolt, but I finally could see through the channel hole. Used carb cleaner and compressed air. Now I don't lube that area so much. I am shooting three SBR'ed MPX's and continue to learn their little quirks. I no longer use any lube in the gas chamber area. Using ILWT ion bond tappets and change gas rings every so often. I also do a complete tear down clean before each USPSA match. Just my experience and trying to help. Good luck. Kattman from Michigan
  4. Maybe that forward bolt movement is slightly restricted?????on a fresh round going into the chamber. If the extractor has the rubber O-ring around the extractor spring--try removing the O-ring and firing with just the spring. I had this where the bolt would "almost" go into full battery, enough to allow the hammer to drop, but not forward enough to allow the FP to strike the primer hard enough to discharge. JMHO--something to try?????? Good Luck!! Kattman from Michigan
  5. I'm real interested in the new Taylor Freelance +20 Goliath as well---to see how it functions in the MPX
  6. We are doing the KE Arms SLT-1 triggers in the blowbacks and the SIG MPX's with KNS anti-walk pins. Good luck in Steel and USPSA so far, but hammer face takes a beating. Also we are mostly doing your buffer/spring set-up as well as the TACCOM unit. I am currently experimenting with the CMC 9mm and the ELFTMANN 9/45 for the MPX's and blowback PCC's. Have the CMC in a 45 blowback (and a 22LR upper/SBR). Both these as well as the SLT point out they are PCC capable. Initial tests are GTG with great trigger pull and reset. So far no hammer follow or doubling, but at low round count until our season starts back up her in Michigan. All these are available in straight or curved. No doubt that PCC's are extremely hard on fire control components. Good luck--hope this helps in your investigating. FYI, I have bunches of failed PCC "experiment" triggers/parts in the "used" bin. Note--JMHO Kattman from Michigan
  7. https://nextlevelarms.com/product/9mm-speed-brake/ These guys do some M13.5 x 1LH for the MPX and also make an taper adapter for SIG's tapered barrels. Don't know much about the Competition version MPX. All mine are GEN II pistols that are SBR's
  8. Consider the KE ARMS SLT-1 Took the Timney black's out and put the SLT's back in. JMHO
  9. The ILWT replacement screws don't work with the clamp nut "assembly" that has the two nuts on a plate. I have both styles, the other being the individual nuts with flats. I got my replacement parts from SIG direct. ILWT screws work with the individual nuts with the flats style receivers. Sig part numbers: BARREL NUT 1810925-R (this is the two nut "assembly") SCREW, BARREL CLAMP 1810949-R If you order parts from SIG, they will ask for the weapon's s/n Hope this helps---my respectful contribution
  10. How are you 1050 users storing your not in use 1050 toolheads. New to Super 1050. Thanks Kattman from Michigan
  11. I am trying to put some new spring/follower kits in some new 38 super STI 170mm tubes. I can't seem to get the follower to go all the way to the top of the tube as it should without binding about 1/4" down from the top at the feed lips, (last round loaded in mag will fall out if you tilt the mag forward) even though the spring/follower kit is supposed to install without modification. This situation exisits on all 10 of my new STI tubes, and I tried different s/f kits to confirm I didn't have an out of spec follower. Wondering if the top of the tube dimensions are out of spec or if anyone has had thie experience. I just sent a bunch of the kits and tubes off for tuning but would like to get a couple running in the meantime. Would apprecaite any input or reference to a prior post regarding tuning procedures, measurements, etc. Thanks for any/all. Kattman from Michigan
  12. NBRIGHT I have been having this same problem for 3 years now, loading 38 super new Remington Nickel cases. I have loaded about 25-30K and have gotten used to just stopping the upstroke and sticking my left hand fingers through the workspace opening, alighning the round under the resize station and then continuing with the upstroke. Read yor post yesterday, so I took my loader apart to see if the two allen bolts were loose as yours were. Mine were tight, so I took them off/out and checked the bottom of the platform, and the top of the ram to see if anything was there that might create the misalighnment. Everything looked OK so I decided just to replace the platform as an experiment. I called Dillon and asked to purchase the platform, and the sales guy quizzed me on the date I had purchased the loader. I couldn't remember the exact date, but I know it was prior to 1994. He then stated that the platform had been re-designed and that they would send me one free of charge. Do you or anyone else know what the re-design is, and if its been done for this specific problem? It appears that the two allen bolts are all that alighn the platform, though I don't know how precise this alighnment has to be. I would really like this problem to go away as I usually load 1-2k during a session and this slows me way down. Will keep you posted on my results when the platform arrives. Great boards and lots of good information here! THANKS Kattman from Michigan
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