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  1. I picked up this Limited Custom a couple of days ago. I've been quite busy with work and a family trip over the weekend so I still haven't shot it. I did however take this opportunity to clean it thoroughly instead of just following the urge to race down to the range and give it a go.
  2. Sorry, my brain was spinning a bit too fast there... I ment to ask about the magwell on the frame on the right in that picture...
  3. What magwell is that on the hunter frame?
  4. I'm a designer in the signage industry. Mostly illuminated signs, but we do all kinds of signs, from the smallest to the largest. I also run my own business mainly focused on graphic design, logotypes, prototyping and product design. I also make holsters.
  5. Thank you. I'm happy to be here.
  6. Hello everyone. I've come across this forum quite a few times while serching for knowledge. It has been a great help and a fantastic resource, so I thought I'd join in a hope that some day I might be able to give something back. I live in Sweden, and I've been into shooting sports for a couple of years. I am currently shopping for a 9mm or a .40 S&W, haven't decided yet. I am a designer in the signage industry, and I also run my own business in graphic design, product design and prototyping. I've also started making kydex sheaths and holsters. Best, Markus Burman
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