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  1. I sorted thru (3) S&W 617s at a local dealer. I found that the crowns on the muzzles where so far off (not concentric) that you couldn't miss it. It looked like someone took a chamfer tool in a hand drill and didn't care a bit. I also saw other minor defects. I passed on the guns - they are not cheap!!!! The thing to remember is that you cannot inspect quality into a part. QC verifies that the parts meet print dimensions and tolerances. The fault often is production trying to meet the takt time. (Lean manufacturing is a good tool but can be taken to extremes) QC is the gate keeper but often gets pressured into passing parts. 38stupid
  2. I purchased 10 round magazines when I shot the SC in 05. I was worried about the laws in Kalifornia. I called a bunch of "officials" to get an exact ruling on bring my hicaps into Kalifornia and could not get a clear answer. 38stupid
  3. My old boss has a Redhawk that he shot lead and jacketed bullets out. The accuracy was terrible - I shot it myself just to make sure it wasnt my bosses hold. I examined the bore and found it was badly leaded. After cleaning out the lead with a brass patch and an electrode it shot the gun again. The accuracy was better and began to worsen. The barrel finish was VERY bad (rough). We pored a some lead slugs and proceeded to hand lap the barrel over a couple of nights. Long story short - the gun shoots accurately now with a variety of ammo. 38stupid
  4. 38stupid

    Clays Instruction

    I have shot a lot trap in the past along with some skeet. A few years ago I started shooting some sporting clays (Rochester Brooks by the way) and was in lower 40's to mid 40's on occasion - depending on which coarse I shot. I just purchased a Browning 625 Sporting Clays model and it fits me VERY nicely. I tried one out before I purchased it and I only missed a couple of birds in trap and skeet. I tried some (5) stand and did fine. I just want someone who is an good instructor to make sure that I am on the right track and can provide some insight into the game of sporting clays. 38stupid
  5. I understand that to shoot the ultra lightened setups that you need to set the primer back .004". Other than a Dillon 1050 what can you use to accomplish this? 38stupid
  6. The link if you are interested: http://www.dvorakinstruments.com/ PS - I dont work for them. 38stupid
  7. I like the Dvorak Trigger Scan unit. You basically you lock the gun in a fixture and the machine with cycle the trigger. The computer will overlay multiple trigger pulls. I has been the most accurate method I found. If you do "fixture" the gun correctly you will get very consistent results. The system is also capable of measuring lock time. 38stupid
  8. Sorry, I just shot the PSA match in Hershey PA was thinking of their classification system. I shot (1) IDPA match and dont plan on shooting anymore. Ill stick with steel shooting and maybe play with USPSA revolver. The wood Houge grips are exactly what I wanted. Thanks. 38stupid
  9. I just picked up a 625 for stock class shooting. At different matches I have seen some really nice wooden grips for the 625 revolver. They have a wide base and nice lines. I can find them on the web. Can anyone suggest some nice competition grips for the 625? 38stupid
  10. I been looking at this scope an was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with it: Millett Tactical TRS-1 Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 4-16x 50mm Side Focus Illuminated Mil-DotBar Reticle Matte Any comments, 38stupid
  11. Gents, When do they post the applications for the match on line? The match is at the end of April. 38 Stupid
  12. 38stupid

    Clays Instruction

    I am looking for a clays instructor near Rochester NY. Does anyone know of a good instructor in the area? 38Stupid
  13. 38stupid

    Adjustable Comb

    Just had some work done by this guy. He has done some of my friends stocks (adjustable comb and adjustable recoil pads). His work is EXCELLENT. http://www.mdstocks.com/ 38Stupid
  14. 38stupid

    Browning Cynergy

    Send a PM on the details of the gun and price. Model, rounds thru it, etc. 38Stupid
  15. 38stupid

    Browning Cynergy

    I am going to the NRA meeting in Phoenix. I plan on spending a lot of time in the Browning booth. I had a Citori trap gun years ago and kick myself for selling it. Not being able to shoot them makes the decision much more difficult. Bob
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