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  1. Registration for the 2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships Open's December 29th, 2018 For additional details, information and the registration link visit the link below. Click here for Match Website
  2. Registration Opens November 25th for the 2019 Point Series for the 3-Gun Program at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club. Detailed Information about the series can be reviewed at the following link. CLICK HERE DETAILED INFORMATION ON THE SERIES
  3. Match information is on PRactiscore.com as noted above for registration and basic match information Once you are registered you should be getting the update e-mails through practiscore match notification e-mails, if not contact me through the practiscore.com website and I will get that corrected. Sunday times Sign-in from 7:45 am - 8:30 am Match Briefing to follow Close of Sign-in Hammer Down at 9:00 AM As noted on practiscore this match has been opened to Pistol shooters, besides Shotgun and PCC, and we are allowing discounted 2nd gun registrations (non-prize pool) where you can shoot both guns on the same squad, same day. (It's a 1 day match) The link to register is above and also here. Sorry for the delay. https://practiscore.com/3gn-shotgun-pcc-pistol-match-at-ontelaunee/register Additional and match information will be being posted on the Ontelaunee3gun facebook page
  4. 3-Gun Nation Announces Shotgun & PCC Challenge in Pennsylvania Online Registration is Now Open for the 3GN Shotgun & PCC Challenge, presented by Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club, on Aug. 5 in New Tripoli, PA 3-Gun Nation and Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club have partnered to bring an exciting one-day match format to the East Coast with the 3-Gun Nation Shotgun & PCC Challenge, Sunday, Aug. 5, in New Tripoli, PA. Ontelaunee is a 3GN Club Series partner, offering quality 3-Gun matches each month, with regular 3GN Classifier opportunities for 3GN Members. The match, a one-day format, will consist of nine stages of fire, two of which will be 3GN Classifiers. Stage designs are being planned to incorporate 90-percent steel, with only 10-percent of the targets featuring paper presentations. The staff, and potential overflow shooters, will compete on Friday, Aug. 3, while the main match will take place Sunday, Aug. 5. 3-Gun Nation single-gun rules, 14.0, are in effect. Both prize table and non-prize table fee options are available. More info regarding sponsors and event details will be released very soon! A New 3GN Membership or renewal is included with purchase of your major match fee. Registration Links Register for SHOTGUN Challenge; Register for PCC Challenge.
  5. Update on Range Officer Workshop: Registration for the March 18th 3-Gun Range Officer Workshop at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club, New Tripoli PA, opens this Sunday January 7th. More detailed information and the Registration link can be viewed at http://www.blindsquirrelsquad.com/index.php/ontelaunee-3gun/2018-ontelaunee-3-gun-range-officer-workshop/
  6. Ontelaunee 3-Gun Will be holding (5) 3-Gun matches in 2018. Matches are held at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club in New Tripoli, PA Ontelaunee 3-Gun is a 3-Gun Nation club, so if you are not a member yet of 3-GN here is your chance to join and get classified. Match Dates for 2018 are: 1.) Saturday May 5th – Season Opener (7) Stages Total ((1) Classifier) 2.) Saturday June 2nd & Sunday June 3rd (7) Stages Total ((2) Classifiers) 3.) Saturday July 7th & Sunday July 8th – (7) Stages Total ((2) Classifiers) 4.) Sunday August 5th – (7) Stages Total ((1) Classifier) 5.) Saturday September 1st & Sunday September 2nd – (7) Stages Total ((2) Classifiers) Note that the June, July and September matches , shooters will have the option when registering to select shooting either day. They are not (2) day matches, you just have the option to shoot either of the 2 days. Due to other events at the club the May 5th match is a One day only shoot date and the August 5th match is also a one day shoot date (We will not be shooting 2 days in May & August) Also, Ontelaunee 3-Gun will be holding a R/O Workshop on Sunday March 18th, we will post more information on this just before the end of December. For updated and additional information & to watch Youtube videos of our matches visit the website at http://www.blindsquirrelsquad.com/index.php/ontelaunee-3gun/
  7. Registration opens July 23rd on PRactiscore... for our August 6th match. This is a one day match Sunday August 6th with (6) squads of 10, Setup will be Saturday August 5th. The match will have 7 stages total, including 1 3 Gun Nation Classifier. For more information and the registration link go to http://www.blindsquirrelsquad.com/index.php/ontelaunee-3gun/ Regards - Tom
  8. Registration opens tonight on PRactiscore... for our July 1st & 2nd match. This is a one day match for July 2nd, with (6) squads of 10, we will also have (5) squads of 5 or 6 for Saturday afternoon July 1st, after setup is completed. The match registration will ask for your preferred day or if you don't care. As noted, registration opens tonight June 18th at 7:00 pm, which I know is Father's Day, so happy Fathers Day everyone. For the registration link and more information go to http://www.blindsquirrelsquad.com/index.php/ontelaunee-3gun/ Regards - Tom
  9. Thanks Everyone for braving the cold weather on March 5th. Our next match will be April 29th & 30th. This is a one day match for April 30th, with (6) squads of 10, we will also have (4) squads of 5 or 6 for Saturday afternoon, after setup is completed. The match registration will ask for your preferred day or if you don't care. Registration will open on April 16th, which I know is Easter Sunday, so I'll be changing the open time from 12:30 to 7:00 pm for more information go to http://www.blindsquirrelsquad.com/index.php/ontelaunee-3gun/ thank you - T
  10. Not sure I am fully understanding the question, but I will try and answer what I believe you are asking. We are running our matches under 3GN club series rules, Thus depending on the classifiers we select, you could be required to use, one, two or all three firearms on a classifier stage. Thus, I believe your question is, and correct me if I am wrong, you are looking to shoot the classifier stages in a second or different division, than you shot during the match. If this is your question, then yes we will be allowing, re-shoots and additional division shoots for the classifiers at our matches, pending on time, and we will be making time for this. Thus, you will be able to shoot the match in Practical, once the match is completed, we are planning on allowing re-shoots and division runs on the classifiers for those that wish too stay later and get more classifiers in and in different divisions. Thus you will be able to re-shoot the classifiers lets say in Factory or PCC-Irons. There will be an additional fee for each re-shoot and or additional division shoot on top of the base match fee. I hope this answered your question
  11. Good morning everyone, Looking for (3) gun stages, for small bay sizes, 40ft wide by 65ft deep. I have found a good amount of single and 2 gun stages, but looking for stage ideas that employ all 3 firearms on a stage for small bay sizes. Thanks - Tom
  12. We have Modified the kick the cobwebs off match for March 5th. The (4) stage match is now planned to have (2) 3-GN classifier stages. I will post an update once the classifiers are selected.
  13. We use Practiscore for registration and open Reg up 2 weeks before each match. You can follow the website at http://www.blindsquirrelsquad.com/index.php/ontelaunee-3gun/ or join our e-mail list to get notified about up coming matches Just link to the page below and in the message area note to be added to our match e-mail list. http://www.blindsquirrelsquad.com/index.php/menu/contact/ Thanks for your inquiry
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