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  1. Yep, I purchased one last June 2017 and have run huge quantities of handloads through it...both plinking and in 3 Gun. It has fed flawlessly except for the few times my small framed grandson has held it away from his shoulder...with my light handloads being the issue. For me it's flawless, and it's flawless for him too when I remind him it's not a Tommy Gun. I use Glock OEM mags only...never did use the mag that came with it as I sorta' accidentally ran over it in my truck. Since reviews on it were spotty on it anyway I wasn't going to ever use it. I shoot a really light load from my M&P CORE which consists of 4.0 of TiteGroup behind a plated/jacketed 124 grain round nose from Rocky Mountain Reloading. Works flawlessly in the FX9. Same holds true for 4.3 grains of HP38/231 which is my preferred load for the FX. At 30 yards with a Leupold Delta Point Pro I placed three rounds in one hole, which freaked me out so much I made the rifle safe and peered down the bore to make sure I didn't have one or two rounds lodged in the barrel. When handloading do be aware that you'll need to make sure that you do a full length case size. I've been using a Lee Progressive loader since the early 1980's for flawless extraction with numerous 9mm pistols. However, on the FX if you try and eject and unfired round (as someone else noted) it ain't happening. I live down the road from my outdoor range so had to fire it into the backstock to eject. No big deal, as I now just run the cases through the full length crimping die on my Lee Classic prior to reloading. Buy one, all the cool kids are.
  2. In fact, I used 3.4 of 231 and really liked it with plated, but I did get leading with cast...albeit a softer 16 than RMR's 18. I may revisit it with RMR's cast and see what happens. I sure haven't, but I'm going to go the route of RMR's harder bullet first.
  3. All, I'm wanting to go from a 124 grain RMR plated bullet to their 147 grain hard cast bullets (Brinel hardness of 18), and am looking for a load using Titegroup, HP38 (231), or WST, as these are the only powders I have on hand. I also have 700-X on hand, but from what I've read, it doesn't meter well through the Lee autodisks. Reason for going to the lead 147 grain bullet is or less recoil when I shoot IPSC, and it's more economical than plated 147 grain. In the past, loading for other manufacturers of hard cast bullets in 9mm has produced leading, no matter how light I go. Other bullets were 16 Brinell rating, by the way. I load a ton of hard cast 45 acp using these powders with no leading at all, and some of my powder loads I use in 45 are pretty close to what I'm using in 9mm. These will be fired from a M&P Pro and M&P Core with 5" barrell. Thanks!
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