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  1. The night sights with a set screw on top (removed)
  2. If i do heat the slide, should i remove the internal first?
  3. I asked a question about the best TTP's to get a rear sight off a new SP-01 and got both "use a heat gun" and "stick it in the freezer" from the same group. We were in the middle of a match, so i didn't push the issue. Anyone care to weigh in? I'm also going to try a good penetrator/lubricant (suggestions??) and a big ass hammer. Just thought it was funny to get the opposite answer to the same question. Thanks gents!
  4. But if you rub off the black, its stainless...er, silver underneath. So is it just back or... metal?
  5. shot it today.. works great!
  6. Thanks man.. you're in SD huh? I shoot Pala and Oceanside thursday matches as often as I can. I just bough the SP-01 to get into production since my limited gun will soon be limited 10 by default. If your up at LDF anytime I'd appreciate a few minutes of your time to pick your brain on priorities for upgrading the gun. I'm planning doing all the upgrades myself. See you out there.
  7. MarMahDuke

    Customer service

    Hmmm.. I'm in the midst of deciding if i want to go to CZC or CGW to upgrade my new SP-01.. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. I may have let pre election paranoia take hold and bought a SP-01 a few weeks ago. I noticed when I bought it (i don't have it in my possession yet... stupid 10 day waiting period) that it has a black barrel and not the normal stainless. Didn't think much of it at the time, but now i'm thinking it may mean something. I know SP-01's used to come with cold hammer forged barrels. Could the change in color mean its a different manufacturing method? Or am I just being paranoid. Any thoughts? Thanks
  9. Bought some Mag from MQW.  Easy to deal with and fast shipping.. good dude

  10. Seems legit.. my version of the big bad corporation scheming to keep us poor 'mercian's from be able to observers our god given rights!!!!!! .... is just more fun.
  11. I was thinking more to limited production capability. i.e. taking machines/smiths off standard sp-01 line to work on Shadows. but yeah. slavex, share your insider knowledge. BTW If you do actually work for CZ, I'm available to test this new monster!! Lastly
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