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  1. Yeah the main reason I want 20" is like you said weight savings and easier to wield. There is another guy with a rem 700 varmint that has a 26" bull barrel. I though about getting it and having it cut/ threaded. But that just increases the total cost. I've heard the ideal barrel length for .308 is 21.5" but I guess that's more applicable with factory ammo?? I suppose the longest I would go is 22"
  2. I've been shopping for my first bolt action rifle and was curious if anyone has had any experience/ opinions with the new savage 110 tactical. I'll put the link below to it... I'm having a hard time picking between it and a used remington 700. Of course of anyone has any other recommendations I'm happy to hear them. Here are my requirements for the gun. .308 caliber, 20" barrel, threaded muzzle or thick enough to have threaded, .5 moa or better with handloads, and under 10lb with an optic. The savage meets all of those I think, I'm just wondering if I buy a used 700 am I getting more gun for the same cost? My main purpose for the rifle will be in the woods. However, I would like the accuracy to be acceptable for matches and also when I hunt out west I want to be confident with the guns accuracy out to 1000yd. The rem 700 I'm currently discussing with a guy locally is in a magpul stock and has the kit installed to take AI mags. He says it consistently printed .35" at 100 yd and he used it in matches shooting 2-300rd and now is wanting to switch caliber. He is asking $750 for it or I can get a new savage out the door for $650. Anyway, your insight for a newbie is appreciated in advance. Savage rifle: https://www.savagearms.com/firearms/centerfire/model-110110/-tactical
  3. There is a new steel challenge match available to shoot just outside of Anderson, SC @ Belton Gun Club. This is great news as the only steel challenge matches I know of in the NE GA and surrounding areas are Spartanburg, Cherokee Gun Club, and South River Gun Club if you want to deal with ATL traffic ( I don't). The match is on the 4th Sunday. Right now it is 4 stages, but they have plans to increase to 6 stages. I believe their first match was October or November. MD is Ryan Flowers. It is a sanctioned SCSA match. I'm shooting it for the first time on Dec 23rd if we don't get iced or rained out. This is my first match in almost a year, hopefully the rust will shake off a little lol. If anyone is in the area come shoot! Below is the registration link: https://practiscore.com/belton-gun-club-steel-challenge-12-23-2018/register
  4. One of the local long time USPSA'er GM open guys here does it. And he has been a GM and competitive for a long time so it seems there is something to it. I've always been curious about it. I should ask him the next time I see him. What kind of music do you listen to? You know there is some new tech out exploring neuroscience. JJ Racaza, Shane Coley, and Max Michel are all using the product. It's used in headphone form. Here is that link. https://www.haloneuro.com/science It is an interesting topic for sure.
  5. Yeah my Edge was pretty sharp from the factory. I used a JEM GS from EGW and infinity thumb safeties when I blended it. Very smooth now. I wish the JEM GS's would fit 1911 frames.
  6. PM sent... Need PayPal info and email address to send FFL paperwork,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:D:D:D


    Feel free to call/text  me if you want.... 281-460-3794



  7. thanks for the info! I decided to order a dawson sight with .090 width.
  8. Does the manny dot from brazos fit a springfield 1911 front sight cut? Of course it will need a little fitting if it does. However, I don't want it to be completely the wrong angle. I currently run a manny dot on my edge and love it. My dawson front sight currently is bent from a previous owner installing it improperly. I plan to use this gun for some USPSA, but mostly steel challenge. On a side note what is yalls opinion of a front sight that narrow for steel?? The manny dot is .070. Alternatively I could just order another dawson one that is .090. The current one is .100 and it is way too fat for my tastes. Thanks.
  9. Alright cool. Is there any way to check if its still applied on my own? I might just be looking at items that dont qualify for the discount. I was thinking of the tactical GPS bag, not the handgunner. The tac and the shooters conn are the same price. I like how the GPS has exterior straps/molle to attach other items. And its prime shipping from amazon. Why should I get the shooters conn bag over the GPS tac?
  10. Wish they still made that one. The nylon/cloth is solid from what I have seen and felt in person. I want to go with the shooters conn bag, but I am not paying $30 to ship it. That's just a principle thing for me. I have given a hard look at the GPS Handgunner, a friend has one and likes it, but doesnt use it hard. If I carried more junk I would get the small DAA.
  11. Does Shooters Connection still offer discounts for forum members? Does it expire? It doesn't seem to be applied to my account anymore.
  12. I think many shooters are doing their own trigger installation nowadays. I personally know a handful of shooters who have bought the kit from Brazos and loved it. If your frame is good the parts really don't require any fitting. That's what my friend has in his open gun that I shot last weekend, and it felt nice. EGW also sells a similar kit. Doing that or buying your own sear jig seems the way many go.
  13. Exactly what I was thinking when my smith told me I was creating the issue. Yeah it was painful to spend all that time and money too. Especially for someone in my position (full time student, part time employee). Just about anyone can fit a single part to a 1911. But how it works with the other parts is the key and probably the most difficult part of the job. Also I wanted to add something I forgot. The 2nd smith even had a "well known" smith he is friends with come in and he couldn't figure out my problem either. I don't know how much time he spent looking at it, but technically 3 smiths at least looked at it. Wow.
  14. Yeah the first guy is certified from the PA gunsmith school and worked with apprenticed under a retired AMU smith. I actually had a friend take the gun to him because of their connection. He fit my safeties and trigger group for $100 and had the gun back in just over 2wks. I felt it was all solid work. If I wanted a quick trigger job local I would probably go back to him. I didn't personally meet him so I can't comment on his bedside manner. His business is Moss Firearms, first name Brannen. The 2nd smith was another guy in the North GA area. He as a policy though where if you ask for an update he just ignores you. If you keep asking he will try and charge you $125 extra. The policy is clearly stated in his info. That wouldn't have been a problem except when he had the gun 3x longer than what was agreed upon and threatened the $125 after I had sent him a total of 3 emails in 3 months. In person he was not difficult to deal with at all. I actually shot a match with him before and enjoyed shooting with him. I did have him pin my grip safety and that work was fine. However, I don't think I will be returning to him because of his communication policies. I believe many smiths have a problem of too many clients and not enough resources to handle it. I am fine with an extended wait time, but to promise one thing and then refuse communication is bad business in my opinion. I will not post his info publicly. If you are that curious send me a PM about it. Yeah I have always ran an ISMI 17lb Mainspring. No problems thus far. I will keep that in mind though about trying a 19lb spring. Thanks for the help!
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