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  1. Thanks for the response guys! I tried both .355" and .357"...The larger bullets beat the smaller ones hands down (4.5" to 1.5" groups at 25 meters!!). Now the trick is to not mix them up with my other 9mm ammo. BIG PROBLEM!!!
  2. Hello All. I have a 9mm 1911 that has a barrel that measures .357" (I have slugged it more than once). I have two questions. 1. What diameter plated bullet should I use? A .357" bullet seems right as opposed to a .355" bullet? And, 2. What diameter should my cast bullets be? I think they should be around .001" to .002" over groove diameter, in other words, .358" to .359". The trick is I live in South Africa and I am using Frontier CMJ bullets. I also load on a Dillon SD-B so my powder funnel is a 9mm funnel... Thanks for your advice in advance!
  3. The spare/aftermarket parts issue are a big deal. The Anderson interests me a lot, I really like the build of the rifle! I have seen two shooters here with expensive European AR's and both of them used the gas piston. Guess what. They both gave problems as well! I know you cannot judge a make by one bad rifle. I hear that the USN SEALS use or used the H&K 416 and that has a gas piston...?? Anyway, I am kinda leaning towards the Anderson...I have a few ideas about the add-ons and this will be influenced by the uses this rifle will be put to. One things for sure, US companies have stood by their product when I have had the odd little glitch, so that does keep me coming back for more!
  4. Well then, I am sure glad I am not the only one from SA. Our shooting sports is growing and that what I like!!!
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys!!!! I guess that I must be the most south, southerner!! Ha Ha!!!!
  6. Thanks for the answers KY1911 and EkuJustice. Appreciated! If the DI gas system works so well, as it has since the early '60's, why on earth did they start using the piston on the AR's? It seems to be a European thing though. The Anderson I looked at impresses me more than the Smith. But before any one want to tar and feather me, the M&P 15 is one of the most popular AR here in SA, followed very closely by the Norinco CQA. The Norincos are cheaper and easier to get. The Anderson seems to be a more solid firearm than the Smith. Ar's are still fairly mistrusted here, being made out of aluminium. Most shooters here go for the LM 4 rifle, which is a semi-auto version of our military rifle, the R4. It is a copy of the Isreali Galil, which as everyone knows is a copy of the AK. I used the R4 in service rifle shooting sometime back, and it is heavy and not as accurate as the AR I tried for the first time a month ago (an old early 1980's AR-15 with the Veitnam era triangular hand guard). That rifle was way more accurate than the LM4/ R4 platform and the recoil was less (due to reduced mass of the moving parts I guess...) I like the AR and I am leaning towards the Anderson as I like the round, free-floating aluminium for-end. I would just like to get more info on it. I have tried looking at their website. TIA
  7. Hi there guys I just joined up the other day, been doing IPSC (handgun), mainly classic. I want to get myself an AR but am not sure which is the better make or what the two gas systems have over one another in advantages/disadvantages... I live in South Africa, so we do not have the variety you guys have. I have looked at the following rifles (all .223/5.56mm); Norinco CQ-A Smith & Wesson M7P 15 Sport Anderson Arms M4 Proarms PAR Mk3 The first thre have gas-impingment systems and the last one has the short-stoke gas piston (please excuse mis-naming the systems). What would you guys suggest? Advantages/disadvantages of the various makes and operating systems. Thanks!!
  8. Hello everyone out there I joined this forum about a day ago, been mailing the Big Man for a few month now and getting lots of help! I hail from South Africa and started IPSC just over a year ago (mainly Classic Division, but also shoot some Production), and am now hooked!! I have alway been a gun nut. I am really enjoying the sport and have learnt a lot from the good people on this forum. So thanks to all of you, I just hope I can reciprocate sometime. Cheers! LRH a.k.a Classic1911
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