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  1. depends on what you go with I get a box of the hornnady Vmax for 10-13$
  2. No I've already got a wallet shaped like a gun. I think that would be a bit too much. Don't want people thinking I'm a "gun nut."
  3. Bryce3

    1x4 scopes

    Don't have much experience with scopes but I do own a Leupold VX-R 1-4 with fire dot and like it a lot. Nice glass and the red dot helps in low light conditions.
  4. I have shot thousands of rounds of coated lead through my G22 and had zero problems. No need to buy a new barrel.
  5. Thanks found one on Europtics.com for $599
  6. Looking at getting into 3 Gun. A major piece of equipment I am missing is a shotgun. I have 2 kids and usually only buy 1 gun a year. This year I have decided I will get a new shotgun since the only other shotgun I own is an old Sears Roebuck. I don't have the money for a Benelli and was told a good compromise was the Stoeger M3000. I found out there is a 3 gun version (M3K) that comes with a few goodies. I would still have to get a Nordic tube extension. Does anyone have one? Do you like it? Pros Cons?
  7. Bryce3

    Dry Firing

    Mine is mixing the two. Feels like I am crawling through a stage so I try to speed up and make stupid mistakes.
  8. Electronic, don't like messing with ear plugs.
  9. Bryce3

    Dry Firing

    I spent some time on the Air force national pistol team.(this was for bullseye) I went to our team camp at Fort Benning, GA ant the AMU facility we shot 7 hours each day for 5 days. Some of us did dry fire quite a bit every night. I learned a lot of techniques for dry firing as far as your natural point of aim and did not pull the trigger for the first 20 min of dry firing each session. Obviously there are some big differences in bullseye and action pistol so I will leave those steps out. The way I would start is: 1. Grip- get your grip get a good sight picture on a blank wall. Close your eyes for 10 seconds, open your eyes: Do your sights line up? Yes: your grip is good. No: shift your grip left, right as needed. close your eyes and repeat. 2. Stance- As said before in this thread stance plays a big role. By getting your grip correct and getting a good sight picture on a blank wall close your eyes: Do your sights still line up? Yes: stance is good. No: Shift foot forward/ back get sight picture and repeat. 3. Trigger- With your grip/stance correct and finger on the trigger apply pressure with your eyes closed do not "break the shot." Open your eyes: Do you still have good sight picture? Yes: trigger finger is placed properly on the trigger. No: adjust your finger you either have too much or not enough. Get your grip, realign the sights close your eyes and repeat. 4. "Dry firing"- With everything above done correctly now you can check what you do when breaking a shot. some people have a problem with thumbing, tightening grip, healing, anticipation, which is more of a mind thing (it was for me). I would be fine dry firing but once I knew I had a round in the chamber my mind beat me. Break your shots and watch your sight picture. 5. Range- This is better with a friend so he can mess with you. Mix some snap caps in your mags and find out what YOU need to work on the most. Some guys would put a go pro on their box and watch it after the range in slow motion so they could figure out exactly what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong. I know some are saying "I cant do all that before a stage!" The point is to do it so much while dry firing that it becomes second nature. You know what feels right to you after doing this for 30 to 45 min a day. Point blank everyone is different and needs to find what works for themselves. I was not very good at bullseye and I don't like watching paint dry so I switched to IDPA then USPSA and really want to shoot some 3 gun. I have only shot one classifier and am D class so I am not an expert by any means. Dry firing has helped me more than anything else. While watching TV I pull the trigger and keep it depressed while racking the slide to get a feel for the reset for as long as I can. Just my 2 cents.....let me know if any of this helped...
  10. Ride it high drive the gun forward.
  11. dead people don't know they are dead... stupid people don't know they are stupid.
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