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  1. ICEMAN you and I have the same exact problem, and I have yet to figure it out....but working on it. And yes, some pretty knowledgeable people on this forum. Really nice that they try to help. Have you made any improvement? and if so, with what changes.
  2. I ordered an inspection plate today, hoping it will help in IDing the issue.
  3. Not understanding these comments by Johnny.... VARY COMMON w/gen 4 drag on the lateral side of the beak of the transfer bar due to too much polymer or connector bent too far lateral pinning the bar at that area FIX- decrease the lateral bend of connector and/or smooth out polymer What is the lateral side? Can anyone clarify. I detect a little rubbing as he describes and shown in the video, but very little. Nothing like the Glock in the video. For sure my Glock has something going on causing this trigger weight which I consider abnormal.
  4. Geeezzzzzz...... a lot to chew on there. Mass production bites. The more I research the more it seems these guns need 'blueprinted' for the best results.
  5. I've been studying this out for some time now, and did so before i started making mods. Feel it's installed right and lubed. Have thought of trying some graphite but have never read of anyone doing that. And yes.... from my research I thought I'd make more gains on this. I'm kind if coming back to why the stock trigger is at 7lbs. I've thought of trying the minus connector but from what I've read i don't think I'd like the feel of it. I did the polish jkb on the stock parts.. but not the Zev connector. Was really marking time for the backorder on the LWD trigger to clear up to address pre/aft travel before I did a next step. If the stock setp had been at 6lbs to start with.... I'd be close.
  6. It will reduce the trigger pull in the 5oz. range.Which doesn't get me to the 5lb that I'm after. The connector and plunger improved the trigger by about 11 ounces.... If i get that spring the total I'd get from those changes are less than 1lb, which doesn't seem in line with the amount of improvement that I've read about. Not understanding that. Maybe i need to determine why the G19 new scaled at 7lb versus the supposed 5.5lb. BTW i have a LWD trigger coming once backorders are clear. Know you are working with them.
  7. How much improvement do you think I will get by going to a 5lb spring.... given I'm at 6.3lbs trigger weight now.
  8. I thought the spring referred to was the trigger spring. So to understand what is the lbs on the stock striker spring AND stock trigger spring. Lower the striker spring weight should lower trigger weight but also hit the primer with less force... Right? Whereas the opposite is true with the trigger spring with no effect on primer strikes. Which is better to change?
  9. I've read a heavier spring makes the trigger lighter, and vice versa. So.. . If stock is 5.5# going to a 5# spring would make the weight higher. Trying to understand. As i mentioned I have the Zev connector and their plunger with spring but I'm still at 6.3#.
  10. What is the weight of the Glock stock spring ? I've see mention of a 5# spring but also read of a 6# spring.
  11. Following this thread with interest. I bought a G19 gen 4 few months back. My trigger stock scales 7 lb stock. I did the polish job with a dremel and saw no improvement. I put in a Zev connector and their safety plunger. It came down to 6.3lbs. Appears i need some springs next, not sure though. Want to get to that same 4.5-5lb range. SO there are indeed heavy triggers on these gen 4s.
  12. I just did the. 25 cent job on my G19 gen 4...lighten it just a tad. I'm over 6.5 lb pull.... just heavier than i want and longgg. Not sure why the pull on this G19 is this heavy. It is stock... 150 rounds thru it. I'm thinking of doing these mods. I do not carry.... But thinking about it.... otherwise this is home defense and shooting at my own range. I do not shoot competition. Questions... did you use stock spring on the plunger as well? What weight did you end up with? What was your reasoning in not using Zev springs?
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