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  1. jaredbeesley

    Powder Measure

    What are most of you using for your powder measures? I am almost positive that 99% of us have gone digital but I have been looking at something like the RCBS Charge master and wanted your thoughts.
  2. jaredbeesley

    Best 2011 Mag Springs?

    I am running a SVI and am curious what people are using for their replacement mag springs?
  3. jaredbeesley

    Open reloading question

    Na I am just following for later information. I am a fairly new open shooter and am still playing around with loads and what not.
  4. jaredbeesley

    Best prices on Poly coated

    have tried , Blue Bullets, Eggleston Bullets, Cimmarron Bullets, and Acme. Best all around that I have seen with both price and accuracy was the Blue bullets
  5. jaredbeesley

    SV, 40 Major Load Needed

    I am looking for a load data for .40 Major shooting 180 JHP (Montana Gold) out of an Infinity with a Schuemann Ultimatch barrel. The powders I currently have to work with are Titegroup and Autocomp. Primers are CCI and Winchester. Thanks for the help in advance!