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  1. I'm shooting a Browning Hi-Power, but very interesting info.
  2. Thanks, I've a stash of HP-38........will add it to my "give it a try" list. I just loaded a hundred of the BE-86 at 5.5 gr. Interested to see how they shoot.
  3. Thanks for the data, but all I have to work with, at present, are 115 gr FMJ.
  4. I loaded up 100 9mm rounds with 6.1 gr BE-86 under a 115 gr FMJ bullet. Just a little "brisk" for me even though I liked the accuracy and got used to the recoil toward the end of the session. I know the recommended starting point is 10% less at 5.5 gr, but I'm curious as to how far down in weight I can safely go with this powder and bullet combination in the caliber. (which I'll be trying next) Alliant won't comment other than the 10% reduced starting point.
  5. I used Memphis Mechanic's recommended "duplicate" for my Federal HST 147 gr load. I am very pleased with the results and the recoil difference was, indeed, non-detectable. This target was shot at 21 feet, rapid fire........or at least rapid for me. My buddy insisted the first shot was dead center..........I'll have to take his word.
  6. Okay, problem solved..............or averted, which ever! I ordered 500 115 gr FMJ bullets from RMR today. Not going to have to worry about this lead mess any more. Wasn't trying to start yet another journey into casting, lubing and sizing lead bullets................just wanted a hassle free practice round. Thanks to the data from MemphisMechanic, I'll put these jacketed bullets over 5.65 gr WSF and be happy. (that is reported to duplicate my carry round in recoil) So all is well in my neighborhood.
  7. Federal just got back with me a few minutes ago. Here is what they said: "That info is proprietary. We suggest contacting Alliant Powder for advice on what to use". I figured they wouldn't divulge their proprietary information, but was pleased they named a specific commercial powder company for advice. Taroman's suggestion of BE86 may well be "right on". I will go through with contacting them anyway. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys.
  8. Wow, you guys are amazing. Thanks for the info. More helpful than any I've received on any other sites.! I've been casting for about 4 years now and have a good setup, so the casting part isn't the problem. I've always preferred not to shoot jacketed because I have a bullet traphere on my range and save all my lead for bulk rendering. Casting my own bullets lets me shoot and capture lead I've had analyzed rather than whatever unknown lead is in a jacketed round. I can buy bulk ammo fairly inexpensively on-line but the lead content is unknown, and then I have to render it se
  9. In my Browning Hi-Power, I carry 9mm Federal 147 gr HST rounds. I'd like to start casting 147 lead and load my own for practice so I'm practicing "Apples for Apples" with recoil and velocity. I've got a chrony, so all I need is to find out what powder Federal uses. Any suggestions as to how to do that? Or any suggestions on a good powder to try?
  10. Looking for a good on-line source for a new Glock mag, .40 cal, 15 round.
  11. Chris54326

    KKM Barrels

    I know this topic is old, but thought I'd follow up with a report. I went ahead and dropped the dime on a new KKM barrel for my G27. Just got it today. With full-house carry loads, 10 rapid fire rounds out of the holster stay in the "A" box on a Law Enforcement target at 15 feet.............something that eluded me in the past with the OEM barrel. Carefully aimed shots stay in a 2" circle at that same distance. To say I'm pleased with the KKM barrel is putting it lightly. Have only shot 100 rounds out of it, but can't wait to start working with it in earnest. Couldn't be happier and can
  12. I've been agonizing about what kind of finish to put on my Browning Hi-Power since I dislike the parkerized one so much. I had finally pared it down to a Black Nitride finish, but it was mentioned the heat from the process would dislodge the barrel bushing. When I contacted H&M and asked them if they'd had a problem with that, they said they'd never even heard of it before! I'm trying to find someone who has specifically had H&M (or any other finisher) do a Black Nitride finish on a Browning Hi-Power. Any other firearm won't help me because it's the barrel bushing I'm concerned abo
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