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  1. I saw this barrel on the website and thought it was a typo.


    I have a stretch 16 already and I'm thinking of building an upper with the Stretch 15 and a non adjustable lo pro gas block.


    Did you build yours with adjustable gas?

  2. 8 minutes ago, Jackpine Savage said:


    If I'm not trying to conceal it I sure wouldn't  be giving up barrel length!


    I'm not worried at all about giving up slide length...its a g19 slide length...not a biggie. What I'm thinking would be nice is how it would fit in a duty holster while I'm driving. Maybe some slight relief of the bottom of the holster pushing on the seat and pushing my duty belt into my side. So yeah no g19x for concealed carry or open/unconcealed carry. But for duty carry...may be a nice fit.  

  3. 37 minutes ago, Jackpine Savage said:

    I'm not getting the 19x. It seems to me Glock got it backwards, it should have been a 19 frame with 17 slide. For carry it's harder to hide the grip than the barrel.


    I don't think this is being marketed as a concealed carry pistol. It would be pretty slick for duty carry though. 

  4. I had factory ammo malfunction like that before and I went crazy changing all my springs. Turned out to be the ammo and I had to give them a crimp. 

  5. Been real happy with my gen3 glock 34 and 35 for gun games. Only reason I might get a gen5 19 would be because it wouldn't be a game gun and I probably wouldn't tinker at all with it. I'm curious about the new barrel and I'd like to try out the no finger grooves. 

  6. Just went through this. It started by removing a muzzle brake and then I took the whole damn thing apart and rebuilt it. This is what I ended up with...


    JP Enterprises:

    Forged VTAC recievers

    2 port brake

    Rapid config handguard

    Detent adjustable gas block

    LMOS carrier

    Silent captured spring




    Charging handle

    Reciever extension




    Barrel is Stretch 16 intermediate gas and the trigger is Geissele SD3G.


    Top gun in the picture:




  7. Mine is a build using the Nordic lower, barrel, bolt, spring, and buffer. 


    Upper is Aero and the rail and furniture is BCM. Trigger is BCM PNT  (milspec and needs to be upgraded haha).


    Has been 100% reliable. Haven't done accuracy testing but it'll shoot alphas!


    I've only put about 500 rounds through it.



  8. Yes the production stipple would be the same minus the undercut and stippling under the trigger gaurd. Also no stipple in front of the takedown lever for support hand thumb. 


    I've thought at times that I should have gotten the production stipple on my 34 but the undercut is nice and uspsa isn't the only shooting I do. 

  9. I may have missed it as I skimmed over the other replies but did anyone mention that having a fast, consistent presentation to target can provide confidence that carries the rest of the way through the stage? I feel that it can. Helps you get started off on the right foot. I practice it dry often and live fire when I remember. 

  10. I can't wait to see these hit the streets. If my agency goes 320 I'm gonna grabbing one of these for sure. I had a 320f in 9 that was a great shooter.

  11. Put one in a Glock 17 that I carry regularly. Factory weight spring. Went and shot a 100 rounds or so. Felt nice and no issues. I have no problem carrying it. Have shot it every once in a while since then, no issues. I would think an issue with a guide rod would surface pretty quick. I don't worry about it too much.

  12. I got a gen 3 from TTI that had a captured steel guide rod with 13lb spring. They told me on the phone that it felt more like an 11 to them. Either way it shot great with a whole bunch of different 115 factory loads. No issues.

    I know have a zev extended uncaptured guide rod with an 11lb ismi. Runs great. Also have a 13lb ismi. They both work fine. I shoot magtech 115 and American eagle subsonic 124 primarily.

  13. You will be happy with the work and customer service from TTI. I purchased a complete g35 from them, RTS package, and it runs beautifully! Great grip, trigger is phenomanal, and sights are dead on. Within a week I had ordered a G34 to go along with it. I'm itching for a combat master now.

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