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  1. I have a joe bobs/nfa lower. I just measured mine and at the bottom of a standard 33 round Glock mag, I have 1/4 inch play back and forth. Same with my ets mags. Bullet presentation does change a bit. I placed a .034 thick shim on the back of the mag and got the movement down to 1/16th inch, but mags will not drop free. I’m assuming there has to be at least some play in the qc10s and jps. I have 2k rounds+ thru this gun and had no feed issues. Even shooting a couple uspsa and 2 gun matches with a MBX mini extension.
  2. I’m currently looking at the vortex viper and venom for uspsa comp. Can anyone suggest a 24.1mm x 18mm window(viper) over a 26.4mm x 16mm window(venom)? i would think the wider window would be better for transitions but I’m currently running a PA microdot with about a 17mm window...so either of these 2 will be an improvement. thanks
  3. I have one with a NFA Glock lower, 2k rounds thru it. No issues. I was initially wanting the NFA side charge upper but for a 200.00 savings, picked this one instead. Also, where the charge handle is positioned, it ends up being a perfect place for a repeatable grip.
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