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  1. TommyK

    CZ accushadow failure to feed

    Pssst- don't tell everybody.
  2. TommyK

    Shadow 2 rear sight adjustment help !

    I would recommend buying or borrowing a sight pusher.
  3. TommyK

    The Blue Bullet....

    Over crimping leads to terrible accuracy, tumbling bullets and bad days at the range.. Trust me on this one, I have experience.. No, I don't want to talk about it.
  4. TommyK

    CZ's and Blue Bullets

    Blues work great for me.. When I group them from a bench, the group is tight and where it should be. So, if I aim at the A but shoot a C or D in a match, it's all on me. (Sure wish I could blame the gun, or bullet or something else.)
  5. TommyK

    Cz for 3 gun

    I will run an STI .40 for 3Gun if I see a match with tons of pistol spinners but for most matches my SP-01 or Shadow 2 is my first choice. Depends on my choice of Division. My rifle is a JP with Leopold optics so the Delta Point on the SP-01 limits my Division choice.
  6. TommyK

    CZ Tuning 101 with Professor Atlas

    A ton of thanks for this.. Really, really helpful..
  7. TommyK

    CZ Shadow 135 gr loads

    My 135 Blues measure 1.135 to 1.114 and I am having no issues with my SP-01, SP-01 Shadow or Shadow 2.
  8. TommyK

    Just bought my first CZ

    I have used both.. Both are excellent. Good service, good product. You can't go wrong with either of them..
  9. TommyK

    CZCustom is shipping

    My new SP-01 Shadow for Carry Optics tomorrow. It has everything, everything I wanted. I just can't wait.. Can't wait!! When Stuart asked if I wanted overnight freight for another 25 bucks? I was like- "Hell yes!! For Sure!! Absolutely!!" It has been really nice dealing with these people. And I can say the same for Cajun.. CZ people are just good people to hang out with.. and the guns are fantastic..
  10. TommyK

    What's it take to remove the Rear sight on a shadow 2?

    I would really recommend a sight pusher. I also recommend spending some money & getting a good one because it will work on many different guns and many different platforms.
  11. TommyK

    Shadow 2- Adjustable sight

    Thanks again for the helpful info. I changed my sight today and experienced no problems. Took a little over an hour but I was being really careful. I didn't have a good sight pusher, even though I've wanted one for years. I bought a Wheeler Sight Tool and it worked perfectly.
  12. TommyK

    Shadow 2- Adjustable sight

    Thanks a ton.. That was really helpful..
  13. TommyK

    Shadow 2- Adjustable sight

    I admit to changing loads more often than normal, but I do like trying to find the best load for each gun. Today, I ordered an adjustable rear sight from CZ Custom for my Shadow 2. It will make changing loads a bit easier. Anything I should know before I install it? If you have already done this install I would appreciate any pearls of wisdom you are willing to share. Thanks!
  14. TommyK

    Shadow 2 x10 bushing

    The new bushing will make removing the barrel a little challenging until you get used to it. No worries.. I expect it will be fine after you are used to it.
  15. TommyK

    Shadow 2 Saftey detent strength

    I think so. I am planning to use my Shadow 2 for 3Gun this year. I am shooting a Shadow in USPSA Carry Optics and an SP-01 for IDPA. Switching to a different platform for 3Gun would probably not be in my best interest. Please note that I am not a top competitor and I tend to be a bit cautious when I leave a gun behind. At my level in 3Gun competition, an extra second or 2 while putting down a gun is not going to make or break my match.