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  1. I just can't believe you would go wrong with a PM9.
  2. TommyK

    CO Weight Limit

    I just saw this at the Ben Stoeger Pro Shop USPSA Carry Optics Weight Bumped to 59oz! USPSA has changed the maximum weight limit in Carry Optics to 59 ounces. This means your CZ Shadow 2's, Tanfoglio Stock 2's, 3's, and Stock Masters are now going to be able to make weight without having to mill on the frame and slide to make weight. I like it!!!
  3. I shortened the screws supplied by Trijicon. Wasn't hard but took a little time. Test fired today, really like the SRO. I'm happy...
  4. Here is the response from CZCustom "When we mount. We shorten screws so they extend no more than .115 from the bottom of the dot." I can do that, just take a little time with the tools I have available.
  5. I just hit this same problem. I sent the question to CZCustom and will post the reply. 6-32 x 3/8 wouldn't surprise me.
  6. To shoot CO for 1 season, I used 2 CZs mounted with DPPs and a DPP in reserve. All DPPs have been back to Leopold once, 2 have been back twice. Leopold has been very good about prompt repairs but I went back to shooting Limited. I am putting a SRO on my CZ Custom Accu-Shadow and plan to shoot steel with it this year. I am really hoping it is going to work out. I love the dot, but gott'a have reliability.
  7. I have one on a .40 Limited Gun. 50 oz. w/o magazine. I am very happy with it.
  8. 4.6 Grains of 320 with a 180 Blue Bullet at 1.15 works great through my TSO. 172 PF, pretty soft shooting.
  9. I haven't shot bullseye for many a year but I'd stick with the .45..
  10. 200 Bayou, 3.8 Grains VV320, CCI Small Pistol Primer, 1.165 OA length 849 fps average of 10 rounds, 169.8 PF from CZ-TSO STI-DVC averages 10 FPS slower
  11. I reload at 1.165 and it works with flat points in my TSO, Glock 23, Glock 35 and STI-DVC. You might want to lengthen a little.
  12. I have 3 DPPs. All have been return for repairs. Round count was less than 5000 on 1, around 8000 on the other 2. Both of my CZ Sp-o1s are milled, one has the plate system from CZ Custom, the other was milled by Cajun. Leupold has been great about making the repairs and returning in a timely manner.
  13. Tough question.. I shoot a Accu-Shadow in CO, a Shadow 2 in Production.. I really like the Shadow 2 and use it for 3 gun. I really like the Accu-Shadow and it shoots way better than I do so I really can't justify changing guns for CO. I think they are both great guns and I really don't think you can make a bad decision here.
  14. I've had really good luck with the Wilson 9mm mags. Your milage may vary. I suggest buying or borrowing a selection and finding out what your gun likes.
  15. The CGW bushing really helped my S2. Group size was reduced considerably.
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