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  1. Tough question.. I shoot a Accu-Shadow in CO, a Shadow 2 in Production.. I really like the Shadow 2 and use it for 3 gun. I really like the Accu-Shadow and it shoots way better than I do so I really can't justify changing guns for CO. I think they are both great guns and I really don't think you can make a bad decision here.
  2. I've had really good luck with the Wilson 9mm mags. Your milage may vary. I suggest buying or borrowing a selection and finding out what your gun likes.
  3. The CGW bushing really helped my S2. Group size was reduced considerably.
  4. I would recommend buying or borrowing a sight pusher.
  5. Over crimping leads to terrible accuracy, tumbling bullets and bad days at the range.. Trust me on this one, I have experience.. No, I don't want to talk about it.
  6. Blues work great for me.. When I group them from a bench, the group is tight and where it should be. So, if I aim at the A but shoot a C or D in a match, it's all on me. (Sure wish I could blame the gun, or bullet or something else.)
  7. TommyK

    Cz for 3 gun

    I will run an STI .40 for 3Gun if I see a match with tons of pistol spinners but for most matches my SP-01 or Shadow 2 is my first choice. Depends on my choice of Division. My rifle is a JP with Leopold optics so the Delta Point on the SP-01 limits my Division choice.
  8. TommyK

    CZ Shadow 135 gr loads

    My 135 Blues measure 1.135 to 1.114 and I am having no issues with my SP-01, SP-01 Shadow or Shadow 2.
  9. TommyK

    Just bought my first CZ

    I have used both.. Both are excellent. Good service, good product. You can't go wrong with either of them..
  10. TommyK

    CZCustom is shipping

    My new SP-01 Shadow for Carry Optics tomorrow. It has everything, everything I wanted. I just can't wait.. Can't wait!! When Stuart asked if I wanted overnight freight for another 25 bucks? I was like- "Hell yes!! For Sure!! Absolutely!!" It has been really nice dealing with these people. And I can say the same for Cajun.. CZ people are just good people to hang out with.. and the guns are fantastic..
  11. I would really recommend a sight pusher. I also recommend spending some money & getting a good one because it will work on many different guns and many different platforms.
  12. Thanks again for the helpful info. I changed my sight today and experienced no problems. Took a little over an hour but I was being really careful. I didn't have a good sight pusher, even though I've wanted one for years. I bought a Wheeler Sight Tool and it worked perfectly.
  13. Thanks a ton.. That was really helpful..
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