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  1. PCC is a fantastic idea! I used it to convince my wife I "needed" a Sig MPX....?
  2. I purchased a racemaster with the STI block in it taking a chance, doesn't quite work. Does anyone have experience with their RIA Hicap and a proper fitting racemaster? If so, which block/mods are needed?
  3. If I call SVI with the serial, will they be able to give me details/build sheet? My apologies if these questions are "dumb"/obvious. I'm a noob in the world of Infinity and $2k+ guns and I'm trying to get as much advice as possible before dropping the coin.
  4. Is there a way I can distinguish if it's an IMM gun easily? Thanks for the replies also.
  5. I have a chance to purchase a SVI 38super and before I do I just wanted to make sure I'm not messing up. I don't know specifics of the build but what I do know is it's 100% SV, unsure of what comp is on it, 1-170mm mag, 3-140mm mags, tri-glide trigger, metal bodied CMore, short dust cover, 95% blued(stainless?) finish. The gun is 11yrs old. What would be a fair market price? Roundabouts w/o seeing or shooting of course.
  6. I bought the 5.11 large bag only to find out that the Midway large bag was strikingly familiar, and $85 cheaper!
  7. Limited= DAA Racer Production= DAA PDR, BladeTech DOS Carry Optics= Comp-Tac International
  8. Bought a Scorpion off of Amazon for around $25 when I was just starting out, it works like it's supposed to so I'm still using it.
  9. I'd like to replace the guide rod assembly on my tac ultra 40, what type can i get? Specifically, which actual unit can I buy that will be a drop in?
  10. I have the Tac Ultra 40 with the ramped barrel. On the sides of the ramp, the edges are very sharp leaving decent size scratches on my brass. My question is, would it hurt to dremel/sand those edges down? I'm thinking it will help with feeding and extracting if I did but I don't want to bother if it'll hinder the performance any more than it already does.
  11. On the slide locking back with a round left.......there is a YouTube vid showing where to "file/cut" the follower with a utility knife. Holding the nose of the mag away from you, it's the left side/nose corner.
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