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  1. 1:15 to come back 11 miles today The trip there took only 25 minutes. Ugh.
  2. For me it was stereo equipment in Egypt.
  3. I have the pro custom 18.9 9mm. Magazines are available with some ordering and assembly, but not as easily as going to the store. I do like it, particularly for the money. There aren't a lot of relatively inexpensive double stack 1911s, but it isn't as "nice" as my other 1911s. The Ion bond finish is great. Mine has been reliable for about 750 rounds so far, including a pistol class, with the only quibble is that the safety is rather easy to flip on and off, but I think a plunger spring replacement will fix it. It is a bit of a gamble because Para really is gone as far as anyone knows. Now, will Rem make a double stack 1911? Probably. But who can say?
  4. Traffic. Road. Air. Rail. Rocket. Zeppelin. Network. All traffic. I hate it.
  5. Thank you! I thought I was going crazy trying to remove the baseplate from the factory magazines.
  6. I e-mailed w/ triple k, an they didn't know if either magazine they have would work with the magwell. I looked at the sps website, and by comparing the measurements they show on their magazines and measuring the OEM mags, they sure make it seem like the 140s would fit.
  7. OK...I called again, and spoke to someone who put me on hold. After about 15 minutes he came back and said they are unavailable and to try Triple K, and he gave me their phone number. I'm going to contact them as they seem to have 2 different magazines for the 9mm, an 18 rd in 9mm, and a 20+1 9mm/38 listed on their website.
  8. I'm going to try another route. Searching for old Para mags wasn't going very well for me and mine is one of the 18.9's that doesn't like new STI mags, too tight. stuck in the gun, had to dissemble to remove. I have a couple of BUL M5 mags with my factory para base plates installed (18 rounds) that are working so at least I can shoot a match but they seem kind of flimsy and are just a bit loose in the gun. So.... I ordered 2 140 mm mags from SPS in Spain yesterday. Another user reported pretty good luck with a couple 170 mm big sticks from there. (Thanks JMontie) http://spsshop.es/magazines-paraordsps-enduromac-c-26_38.html I ordered them with the std plastic floor plates, total cost for both with exchange and shipping was under $135, so I figured I'd give them a try. I'll report when they show up and I get an opportunity to shoot them. RTL Did they say the 170s worked (with the magwell funnel)? If so I will order. However, I also want to wait to see if the 140 you ordered works with the stock pro custom magwell funnel. I guess I wont have 'em before that class either way, but at least I'll have some more soon.
  9. I and my brother each bought one of these on closeout a little while ago, which gives us each 2 magazines. I have read every single thread on this subject, and am still confused. It is my understanding that it is the magwell funnel design that prevents other brands from fitting in there properly and locking. Is this the case, or am I wrong? Are there magazines that will work with the magwell funnel that came on the pistol? Will a 170 mm <brand?> magazine work with the magwell funnel? Should I change the magwell funnel in order to allow me to use other magazines, or is that not the problem. Would that work? I was waiting but now I have a class I want to use this thing for next week... I know that there are expected to be aftermarket ones in the "near" future too, but I kinda need something soon. I am sorry to be a little slow about this, but there have been so many threads and off topic comments, it is hard to figure it out.
  10. Sadly, I believe you 100 percent. I just called Para's support number, and after asking for parts, a recording told me they are closed for the holidays, and to look on the HR1871 website for parts.
  11. That doesn't make sense. I thought Rem and Para were both owned by FG.
  12. That is disappointing, if only because i was hoping to get magazines for the pro custom 18.9.
  13. BluePuma

    18.9 Holster

    For what purpose? I am looking for one myself.
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