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  1. I put the "light" spring in my mag latch and it really improved function. A3G Mag Release Spring for VR80
  2. Anyone in the industry have plans for a larger charging handle? Something aluminum or titanium with knurling would be a huge plus. (I know Taccom has an ambi handle. That design is not fitting my need.)
  3. Get on the FB group for the VR80. One of the Rock Island reps is on there. A few folks have posted about missing OEM parts & the rep responds quickly.
  4. 1). Larger diameter, knurled, longer by an inch. Titanium would be a plus. (Please let me know when you have them available, Id order one in a heartbeat. I love this shotgun, but the charging handle is a design flaw by size. ) 2). I have only used the light load piston. Mine ran 100% thru break in and now cycles 1200 fps without a problem.
  5. I've got one of the first batch they made. I've been running it for 2 weeks. It has a very clean 4.5# break and has ignited every shell I've pulled a trigger on. HUGE improvement over OEM. It also comes with anti-walk pins.
  6. I really need a bigger, better charging handle. Anyone in the industry working on one?
  7. My birdshot CMore is a 12 MOA dot: Big size for fast shooting. Too big for distant slugs on steel. For slugs: our area ranges (North Texas: ETTS, & NTMG) have slugs routinely from 70 to 120 yards. Usually a standard IPSC or an A-C IPSC. The triangle reticle on the RMR allow very quick and precise slug shots at that range. Holds with the CMore at that range are just not reliable with a big dot.
  8. I run a C More rail way (12 MOA). Also an RMR at 45 degrees for slugs. I run the 12 MOA triangle and use the tip of the triangle for POA. The optic is holding up fine. I did need to loc tite the mounting bolts.
  9. Alpine (in Fort Worth) had several on their shelves yesterday. Alpine Shooting Range
  10. Weber Tactical has some. I just got mine last week. They are typical amazing quality like all Weber products. They are hard to find on the web site, you need to select "Rifle mag pouch", then the drop down option menu has "F12 Shotgun". These work great for the 5 and 9 round mags. I used them on Saturday at a steel match. Weber Tactical
  11. Where are yall getting magazine hooks to hang the mags on a belt?
  12. I primarily shoot mutigun (UML & outlaw matches). I've been shooting Tac Ops with an STI 2011 for the past 5 years. I'm going to make the move to open this year and I'm pistol shopping. I have small hands and have always found better grip with a Glock frame than my 2011. I am considering building my open pistol on a G34 MOS. Any wisdom on Glock as an open gun would be appreciated.
  13. My son's FX-9 Carbine has about 2500 rounds through it with a CMC 3.5# single stage (not the new "PCC" trigger). He runs it monthly in UML and various steel matches. It has run great till this past weekend. It began doubling, then let a 5 round burst. I pulled the trigger out and I see some wear at the disconnector, but no other obvious issues. I'm going to a new trigger. I'm thinking about POF 4#. Anyone have experience with the POF as far as longevity? Another friend recommended Hiperfire 24c. Experienced input is appreciated.
  14. I am a huge TImney fan in the AR platform (I have 5 ARs with Timney trigger). Timney had some problems with their initial trigger for the Tavor (lite strikes, & fractured hammers). You can search around the net for those reviews. They released a "gen 2" product. I was curious about the gen 2 Timney running in the X95 in 9mm since it is blowback operation. I have interacted with Timney numerous times over the years with great results. Not so much this time. I sent an email inquiry that went as follows: ME: TIMNEY CUSTOMER SERVICE RESPONSE: That response did not give me any confidence, so I went with the Geiselle.
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