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  1. Eazy. Almost free. Take 45LC case or even 357mag will work. Drill it out as large as you can. Remove old blue cup, and you can slide the case into the black bracket. Foot or so of tubing the diameter of the case and slide onto the case. Other end in plastic container. Easy peasy
  2. I'll have to agree to change out the spent primer catcher. But pick up one 38 or 357 case and it slides into the grooves perfectly add a foot length of clear hose and a used screw top water bottle that you drilled out lid for tight fit for hose to slide into and for the cost of the hose you saved some money. And If you leave primers in the slide to build up and overflow, shame on you. Be safe and remove. If you are adjusting make a simple primer stop and use it when necessary. And I don't agree you don't need a powder check. If you are running at speed, you are not looking into each case. No way. It is cheap insurance. Oh, and you do need something to pull the random bullet. Seated too deep, is one thing you will do. What, you have a drawer full of bad rounds? Get a cheap puller. No trickler but must have scale.
  3. My mods for 9mm, yes, cut off one coil of spring, no joy. Bought cheap kit with plastic ball, and bearing. Used ball and after fooling with it for a while, one washer under bolt head and bearing between plate and washer. And it is a good bit of tweaking to get to move comfortably and not dump powder. Once you get it right, you can do it easier. And yes, you probably need to rebend the ejector wire down a bit to eject without hanging up round. Did a cheap spent primer tube with drilled out bullet case that will fit on bracket and cheap tube I already had. I have figured out when I'll have an extra primer and I too have a couple of extra deprimed cases in order to insert. Btw, I use a little L shaped bracket that has a small hole in one leg (about an eighth inch diameter) that I place under the primer feed bracket to stop it from advancing. Easy and works. I don't let ski jump build up....
  4. Should be no issue. That blue coming off is more concerned to me. Not powder coating for sure. Some other coating. Nothing in the above pictures seems to support case lube issues, just poor coating. And why waste time lubing straight wall cases anyhow.
  5. I've noticed that the weight can vary a bit when I leave some powder in the Hopper. But I always check the second drop (1st is dumped) to make sure that it is the same. Powder type can make a bit of difference too. I've a homemade micrometer on my 9mm feeder it doesn't move.
  6. I've had my second hand (first hand never loaded a round) 650for close to two years. I had a range that I could take what brass was there and I did, also got about 3000 from this PO. A decent amount was military crimped. Way to easy to pull that case when it is a bit hard to prime. And I don't toss, I pull out the box cutter and take out that crimp and toss back into the feeder. Simple zero cost
  7. I've only been reloading a couple of years now. I started with a cheap Lee single stage press. (oh,btw, I still use that press for sizing my bullets as I got into casting....) I was able to purchase a new 650xl that the prior owner had set up but never loaded a round with. Was over his head... I had a pretty hard time with the 650xl at first. Took me a bit to get all the moving parts in my head and how they interact. Luckily I never have set off a tube of primers, just spilled powder. I would truly suggest that you walk before you run. Spend a couple of hundred on a ss press, buy that good scale, and good dies that you can put on the 1050. Get all of the accessories that you will need, good bench, etc and load up and shoot a few hundred rounds of your favorite caliber. Get some of the basics down and if you are still hot for the 1050 and reloading,buy it!
  8. Used in 223and my 22tcm with good results. Looking in that small a case in a 650xl is impossible..... While loading with any speed.
  9. Call just before they close, they'll answer
  10. New brass and wet tumbled? Why? It may be "too" clean. I do have hangups occasionally, but mine are burrs due to ejector damage on fired brass. I'd do what others suggest and lube them very lightly. Make Sure that your rhythm is consistent. If I vary either stroke, I can screw up the machine.
  11. I think these guys (http://www.pressmoni...vice.com/pm.htm) have a simple one along with their press monitor. They are giving away a round counter on GlockTalk reloading section. I won one of his early versions last fall. Yes it just counts pulls. That really is the problem with this counter. You can make it start with pull x but once counting and you check powder weight,you are a round short. I'd contact him and see what he could figure out for counting at exit ramp. Then you aren't reinventing a counter.
  12. I know if I was wanted to cut my time, and had the $ I'd be ordering in a second. One type of powder, one bullet, and yes are rocking out a lot of rounds an hour......get it
  13. The 6" diameter magnetic bolt and nut holder is on sale at Harbor Freight for a big $3.99 right now, if too expensive, the 4" is only $2.99. I hadn't thought about using one for bullet bin, but should work better than aerobin. Easier to get bullet.
  14. Take your time and read the manual! Yeah I know, but it isn't a bicycle or new TV, you shoot what you load. There are good instructions and if you follow them, it is pretty easy. I would suggest playing with one thing at a time. Get your dies set close without powder. Prime up a few to get feel of priming. (Take out the decap pin second time thru when adding powder). Get your powder charge adjusted, then make sure when you start final loading, check them to insure that they fit in your gun.(plunk test) good luck, it will crank them out
  15. I don't know:-) I received a Lee single stage kit almost 2 yrs ago. Learned about reloading and I made enough to get buy with. Ran across a 650xl that had never been used. Guy gave up trying to get powder. Love the press. I am loading 9mm and recently added 22TCM to the rounds loaded. I'm never in a hurry and could probably get by with the Lee, but the 650xl makes things easy. Changing the caliber is not that hard nor time consuming. Get a 650xl. Or a ss and learn first, I still use the Lee.
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