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  1. They are much nicer than most.. handle weight and easy to open and close. The purple was one hanging around and got used.
  2. As dave said, dan bedell is a great guy... you wont be disappointed
  3. fingers crossed..lol btw i was originally from buffalo ny. parents live in medina .
  4. the gun went back to them 4 times for the same issue and always was told a different fix. Finally told it needs a new slide. so more $$ out the door. at this point as long as it runs i dont care.. and im not sure who provided the slide as all i did was pay him.
  5. around 1k-1250 give or take 7.0g autocomp, sm pistol primer, 1.160 col +/-.005
  6. I don't either esp since my loads were under max for what others are using with his firearms in 9major and was told changing to sc would of fixed the issue and it didn't.. only cost me 5x's the cost in supplies lmao . and also i run major in a sti edge (but .40) and never an issue with sm pistol primers. but it got to the point that after 40 rounds or so the gun would lock up from brass shavings. so who knows... now my wifes gun is using the same load with hs6 and no issues with shavings (sm rifle) in 38sc.
  7. Well apparently using winchest sm pistol primers in 9maj ruined my akai slide(breechface) and is costing me to make another. So does it happen...yup.. i sold all sm pistol pimers i had now everything gets sm rifle.
  8. Do not lube prior to rolling. the cases wont size.. they should be clean and dry.. the marks will come off after tumbling and lessen as you use the casepro. nothing to worry about..
  9. Some times we would just like to shoot vs ro and try to shoot as well. small matches its not a big deal but 5-8 stages and 10-12 shooters a squad it gets tiring...
  10. I dq'd a friend at a major match for something similar. he turned to run across stage and muzzle at a camera man that was at his 180. that was a crappy day, but safety first...
  11. Curious what everyone is using for 38sc loads.. major and minor... im currently in the process of working up a load with hs6 for the wifes new akai customs.. 124g jhp starting at 7.4-8.4g to see the differences. thanks in advance.. happy shooting..
  12. not to sure yet.. haven't held it yet, was balanced with the old dawson but i wanted it a bit heavier though.. and his parts on the build
  13. I think mine with his stainless magwell is somewhere around 70-73oz.. i'll find out later for ya
  14. YES IT IS, Hers was just delivered to the shop.. now to go pick it up....
  15. I've switched to MA dies and had no issues.. the first run of 9mm dies was something with heat treatment. Wayne replaced it and haven't had issues since. have them in 9, 38sc, 40 . haven't roll sized since..
  16. Hers was ordered last september, but shay and i kept changing things.....
  17. LOOKING GOOD, Both mine should be here tomorrow
  18. Thanks for the heads up... i wasn't sure if it was worth it or not... guessing not....
  19. I have been looking into the svi fcg set for some time, but is it worth the costs ?
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