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  1. They sent me a new connector. I can’t recall they’re exact explanation. I think they mentioned the faulty connector may have been bent. Other shooters(some armorers) say that Zev are known for these problems and need to be replaced with greater frequency than stock parts
  2. Im considering a Stock 2 and would have the same questions as Nathanb. So what's the initial investment of these basic upgrades?
  3. I'm interested in the Stock 2 9mm for USPSA. Is the xtreme version worth the extra $ for someone new to DA? Thanks
  4. That's what I've thought. An unintentional bump fire
  5. Thanks for the info. It's tough to nail down considering how inconsistently this occurs
  6. I run a production legal gen 4 G34. I've installed a Zev competition spring kit and trigger kit. I've also installed a tungsten guide rod with a 11lb recoil spring. On two random occasions in the past year, the gun has gun "full auto" or burst fire for 2 shots but only when engaging one target in entire match. See the vid below at minute 1:10. What's the problem? How do I correct this? Thanks
  7. I thought the idea was maintaining the sight picture through trigger break. I assumed that dry fire practice actually involved trigger reset and break.
  8. What is everyone dry firing with? Does everyone have a trigger reset kit? I'd like to dry fire using drills I've seen but I have to rack the slide
  9. I used something similar to skate tape but designed for trailer or exterior steps. I rubber banded the tape to the grip and applied heat with a hair dryer. I let it set over night and it contoured great.
  10. Been shooting USPSA for a few months now and just recently classified at C. This is all still very new to me and I'm glad to see a message board like this dedicated to this sport. Thanks
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