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  1. Exactly, probably a better analogy.
  2. My last GG kit came with an extra set of sear springs. I guess I'll shoot to failure and replace them.
  3. On a P320? You're mistaken. A P320 grip module is no more a frame than grip panels for a 1911 are.
  4. That’s a little better than factory MPX mags, but still 3x more than an AKV mag. ARV will rock!
  5. Because in a 320, the grip is separate from the frame. In a Glock, they are one and the same. And, no, they (Polymer 80) aren't legal in production.
  6. OPENB

    What happened?

    I had a similar event with my Legion. 130pf reloads, I fired a round that felt very light, hardly any recoil, and sounded like a case with hardly any powder, but not quite a squib. I stopped myself, ULSC, and went to the safe area to check the bore. No bullet, but I noticed the extractor was missing from the slide. Went back on the range, found the mangled case and the extractor on the floor. Case had blown out at the web, blew out the extractor, but still ejected the empty. I forget the headstamp.
  7. I already bit on the AKV, so I’m looking forward to the ARV. Taccom came out with a replacement lever mag release for the AKV, I’d bet they’ll do the same for the ARV. I think there’s a relationship between the companies; the barrel extension I’ve seen on the AKV rifle version appears to be the Taccom extension, complete with single port comp. Which is good, Taccom is a leader in PCC accessories. The PSA mags are excellent, metal feed lips, 35 rds., 15 rd. extension available, $13.99 (looking at you Sig). I for one can’t wait.
  8. I have a CMC single stage 3.5# 9mm trigger in my SBR lower. It runs great with both my 9mm Colt style upper and my 5.56 upper.
  9. Glad I didn’t jump on a cheap 40 P320 for a poors Limited gun. Was tempted.
  10. I did this too, while I wait on my R1P. Then this R1 will back up my X5. So far so good.
  11. OPENB

    Front Sight Removal

    I had to change the sights on an M&P, which are close to welded in. Banging on them was no-go. I ended up vising the sight blade itself, covering the slide with tape and wacking it, and moving the slide off the sight. It worked, nothing was marred or damaged.
  12. Put a WTB ad on the Classified forum. We trade guns like teenage girls change clothes! But a new one’s price is pretty set.
  13. I heard several at Nationals had to remove the plastic shoe for this reason.
  14. I paid the $899 back in August, but Sig was offering $200 credit in the Sig Store. I haven’t seen a better deal than that.
  15. I decided to pass on the ETS after they were universally despised here and on a FB Sig 320 group. Followers stick, tubes swell, continuous jams. I’d try the ACT mags if I were to shoot production for the cost.
  16. Looks to be a better choice than ETS. Wish they made a 21rd. mag.
  17. My X5 and Legion will set off rifle primers if they must. My triggers are sub 2#.
  18. His squad was on a stage, so I didn’t want to take too much of his time. He ended the description with “and some other things” but didn’t elaborate.
  19. He told me so at the past Area 5, a Max Legion with an optic cut for the Romeo 3 Max. But, Sig will always be Sig, so don’t hold your breath.
  20. I have an X5 and a Legion. I liked the Legion grip so much, I used my $200 rebate toward buying another Legion grip for my X5.
  21. You know Sig’s dots come in 6moa, right?
  22. There may be something new, but you’ll have to wait for it to be released, then be the beta tester to see if it will hold up to USPSA use.
  23. I honestly liked it better after, well never mind, won’t spoil it. Great show. Made me want to buy a Model 94.
  24. Herters is Cabelas house brand. They used to have an aluminum cased line of ammo, but I don’t see it anymore.
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