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  1. phyrefly

    M3k crappy

    Thanks for the clarification kurt. Much appreciated!
  2. phyrefly

    M3k crappy

    Kurt I won't challenge your comments (mostly because I would lose haha), but I experienced similar issues as the OP stated simply due to my bolt hanging up and not going fully into battery on occasion. I lightly polished my barrel ext and it allowed my bolt to go into battery like butta'. Not sure if this caused harm to my M3000, due mostly to the problem disappearing (post polish job). I can see where anything beyond a simple polish could cause other issues though. Maybe I just inadvertently deburred the area you mentioned above?
  3. phyrefly

    M3k crappy

    Grease your bolt cam pin and cam mating surface in your BCG. You can cheat it if you don't want to disassemble the gun by removing your charging handle and using a syringe to inject grease. This will grease the areas in question. Don't forget to use light oil on the outside of the mag tube as well as on the rails of the action bar. I polished my bolt and barrel extension in all areas that mate between the two. Be careful not to round off any cuts in the extension. All that is needed is polishing. I have mine so it returns to full battery when just barely pulling back on the charging handle and releasing. I would also be sure to get an oem inertia spring back in it asap. Call Tom at MOA Precision. Hope you get it reliable soon. I had the same problems for a bit.
  4. phyrefly

    Anyone have problems cerekoting ar barrels?

    Cerakote oven cure will offer the best overall resistance to wear etc for all general parts. You will want to use the air cure for your barrel, as it's designed to be cured through high barrel heat and will offer the the highest temp resistance for your barrel. I have extensive "coating" experience and some practical experience with Cerakote and its application. Go to cerakoteguncoatings.com for a much better (downloadable instruction guide in pdf) explaination of the proper product and application. I know this is an old thread...just thought others may find some value.
  5. phyrefly

    New CZ 75 TS 9mm mags FAIL

    I did my own "fact checking" on the "mag malf" we spoke about yesterday. I described to you the problem as diagnosed (misdiagnosed) by the indoor range locally when we spoke on the phone. I'm sorry I didn't give you accurate info. I'm too trusting of others opinions at times. What I discovered today was what I described in my post above. Called CZC and you were with a customer. I'm very certain that if I had given you accurate info, you would have given me the same advice your partner just did over the phone. So in short, yes it was the CZC magwell/stock 9mm mag w/o basepad that caused the mag not to latch in position. I switched one of the CZC pads with the stock pad and VIOLLA! It functions flawlessly! Thank you for your patience and time sir. Ordering basepads from you now.
  6. phyrefly

    New CZ 75 TS 9mm mags FAIL

    Bought brand new mags (bone stock 9mm 20 rd) from CZC. All three of them fail to lock into place due to the mag catch notch either being too low or not wide enough (you choose perspective) on the mag body to engage the mag latch. This CZ TS is .40 and as per the information provided here by trusted members who have done the same, I converted to 9mm for 3gun and will shoot "major' for USPSA. The barrel (fitted by myself) is a great fit and functions without issue. The pistol fires flawlessly as long as I hold it in position with my thumb while firing (yeah...i know...not an option!). The first round fires and as the slide returns to battery, it fails to pick up the second round in mag, as the mag (due to chamber pressure/cycling) withdraws from its seated position in the pistol. Has anyone experienced this whether in an actual CZ TS chambered in 9, or during the above stated conversion? Yes: It is a 9mm TS mag No: I have not changed the guts or added a basepad Yes: .40 mags "click" in without issue ALWAYS I ran three mags fully loaded, rapid fire while holding mag in position without even one FTF. Thank you for you help with my problem.
  7. phyrefly

    First load for 9mm

    No matter how "hot" you load that 9mm, you are not gonna turn that spinner (even at 23 feet) with 2-3 well placed/well timed shots....sorry I have shot at the MGM spinner many times (own one similar) and shot placement and timing is key to success. Have fun!
  8. phyrefly

    What front fiber optic sight for an m2?

    I use arrow fletching glue under my front I have never tried super glue so I can't compare, but I do know that super glue tends to be brittle as it cures, while the fletching glue does not (as much anyway). sets very fast as well.
  9. phyrefly

    Trigger finger blister. Glock.

    I'm surprised that not one has mentioned the glock triggers design in this string as of yet. BTW I'm "floored" by the local knowlege on this blog. I have learned a lot since joining (sorry I got off the subject). Anyway...I'm a newly competetive shooter and needed a handgun with high cap capabilities. I'm was weaned on 1911's, but being new to the 3gun sport I knew I would need the capacity that the Glock 34's offer. I can now say that I'm a Glock convert! HOWEVER, those factory Glock triggers are terrible! Of course you get a blister (no offense to the ones who posted their solutions). The strike fire safety is very thin and rubs across your trigger finger every time you fire with a pull most likely at or near 7-8 lbs. with a long pull and seemingly longer re set. I'm 50 years old and was sure I might die of old age in a pistol match waiting for the re set I did a ton of research prior to changing out my trigger and settled on the Zev Ultimate kit with 2# spring. There are many aftermarket triggers out there that are most likely as good (maybe better), but my experience with other triggers is limited to non practical application. The safety on the Zev is twice as wide as standard and very smooth anadized aluminum. I put over 200 rounds through it the day I changed it out with not even a hint of discomfort. I guess if you can "spring" (pun intended) for a new trigger, then you solve your blister issue as well as having a trigger you can adjust to your likeing and needs. I can't imagine that positioning your finger in a way that puts it anywhere but centered over the trigger, pulling straight rearward will help with your accuracy. most of us would take the pain over missing the shot. Good luck with your search for solution
  10. Google Chameleon Fabrics. Mine holds 28 and caddies are replaceable. When prone, simply turn the stretchy vest around (like our wives put on their bras) so the shells are at the rear. Uses Velcro and strips easily if you need to "dump" it
  11. Just want to thank all who have taken the time to post here. I am new to 3gun and loving every minute of it! You may not know it, but you have helped me a ton! Thanks!