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  1. Everglades Ammo had some the last time I checked
  2. I have tried a bunch and all seem to feel very similar
  3. Club matches several draws at the safe table. Major match I spend more time at the safe area with various draws just to get the mind and body in sync
  4. Bruno45

    RTS2 Glass!!

    + for Zeiss, easy to carry, easy to use.
  5. I am running an Everglades Ammo mount with DPP and it works great
  6. Bruno45


    I have salomon, boombah, and inov-8. I prefer the inov-8 by far
  7. I have the DAA wheeled range bag for big matches and a nackpack style for club matches
  8. I took a Kita Busse class at OK Corral and it was excellent
  9. 29 is all I can get in my 170's
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