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  1. Lack of holsters can be completely negated by making your own. Kydex sheets are cheap, add a few more bucks for a toaster oven and some parts to make a kydex press, a suitable sized piece of leather for the backer, $10 for belt clips and chicago screws. 30 minutes plus time to watch a couple of YouTube instructions and you've got a holster for anything. Dirt simple to mold the kydex as one side and drill holes to attach to the leather. For the cost of a typical commercially made one you can have the materials to make 3-4 of them plus mag holders.
  2. Don't know but my TS 40 likes 4.1gr of Titegroup with a 180gr Blue bullet. I'm thinking that your gun would likely be similar in preference.
  3. Currently working on a newly purchased surplus Jericho single action myself. The flat trigger should work well for it, right, not having the double action to complicate things?
  4. Will the spare slide stops be available? I still have all of mine right now but I gather they are consumable wear items. What other spare parts should I gather up to keep on hand for the long term?
  5. yellowfin

    TSO 40 mags

    Yeah, there's no cheap way out on this one--except one. Truth be told I only put basepads on half of my TS mags because doing so loses the slide lock, and if I run dry by accident I want to know it, and half the time the extra few rounds between the two doesn't matter. If I've got a stage to run where I might miss once or more and/or have a lot going on (memory stages screw me every time!), I'll use a regular mag when I'm closest to the count where the problem could come up be (i.e. first if the problem is at the beginning, or second if it's at the halfway or later). Maybe I'm just a space cadet but it's just better for me. Or if it's a classifier where the difference between 17 and 20 doesn't matter because you're reloading after 6 or 8 anyway, what do you gain from spending $30+ more bucks? Actually a lot of stages are like that, where your reload at 12-15 is in the natural lull of the stage anyway so while maybe doing another array might be cooler, it won't make THE difference that you load on one side of it versus the other. Not always, absolutely not, but unless you shoot monster matches all the time having all your mags be 20+ versus 16-17 really isn't getting you the price difference in value. So while $45-50 a mag sucks versus $15, it doesn't have to suck as bad as $90-100 each.
  6. Aha! Someone pointed out to me that the Baby Eagle is the same thing as the Jericho and Dawson does make a front sight for it. Adding that and an ambi safety from EAA should be reasonable, and that's really all I want. As for competitive use, I'm thinking of this for 3 gun mostly, alternating with my TS .40 (which I LOVE) and using brass that's more abundant at my club lately. Also a good guest gun for USPSA if they don't want and/or someone else already has my G34. Of course it's also going to see frequent use as something for range guests/new shooters.
  7. Compete with Tac Sport .40 (soon also a Jericho 941F), carry XDS .40 or Shield 9 or occasionally M&P40c.
  8. Just ordered the single action 941F and want to drop in a flat trigger to make it essentially like a Tac Sport. Grips also for the Tanfo or will the 75 grips fit? Also want to put a fiber front sight on it, so what's the correct one for it?
  9. I've been curious about this for quite some time, and now that I have a little son who is 2 I notice it every time I shoot. Among us in the competitive shooting community, how much do you observe people having their kids shoot with them? I know it's a bit of a cliche, but in the case of our preferred pastime it's literally true that our kids are our future and we have to fill the ranks from somewhere. I'm working on a project about this. In fact, I have a survey if anyone would be so kind as to complete and add to it. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SLC8BTZ . I'm very eager to see your thoughts on this so I can make a good report for the project and see what recommendations I can make and if a positive increase can be made.
  10. I just have separate mags for dry fire and make my dummy rounds out of CCI aluminum cases with FMJ bullets so they look absolutely nothing like my Blue Bullets in brass. Dunno how much safer something can get than that.
  11. That being said, my requirement for a gun is one that doesn't have any drawbacks that get in my way. Just something that lets me do what i need to do to where it itself isn't a distraction. There are some that fail this criterion. So while a new gun doesn't make a better shooter always, removing real problems or limitations does.
  12. yellowfin


    Yes I get it that it's cheaper and faster than wood. But it SUCKS. No sound proofing, fragile, and absolutely hell to mount anything with any kind of weight on it. My wife and I just lost some hours having anchors rip out and all kinds of hellacious scatches all over from trying to install a simple bathroom cabinet. Screw it onto the stud? Sure if that actually matched where it needed to be. Maybe i need to modify it to fit but my carpentry skills are less than great-- which of course is another sore subject. But in any event this whole house is covered on that cheap chalky crap.
  13. yellowfin

    New TS Orange

    My thoughts exactly. The point of this gun is that it runs awesome right out of the box.
  14. If we know of someone who would want to donate something to the prize table, should we direct them to you?
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