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  1. I've been curious about this for quite some time, and now that I have a little son who is 2 I notice it every time I shoot. Among us in the competitive shooting community, how much do you observe people having their kids shoot with them? I know it's a bit of a cliche, but in the case of our preferred pastime it's literally true that our kids are our future and we have to fill the ranks from somewhere. I'm working on a project about this. In fact, I have a survey if anyone would be so kind as to complete and add to it. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SLC8BTZ . I'm very eager to see your thoughts on this so I can make a good report for the project and see what recommendations I can make and if a positive increase can be made.
  2. I just have separate mags for dry fire and make my dummy rounds out of CCI aluminum cases with FMJ bullets so they look absolutely nothing like my Blue Bullets in brass. Dunno how much safer something can get than that.
  3. That being said, my requirement for a gun is one that doesn't have any drawbacks that get in my way. Just something that lets me do what i need to do to where it itself isn't a distraction. There are some that fail this criterion. So while a new gun doesn't make a better shooter always, removing real problems or limitations does.
  4. yellowfin


    Yes I get it that it's cheaper and faster than wood. But it SUCKS. No sound proofing, fragile, and absolutely hell to mount anything with any kind of weight on it. My wife and I just lost some hours having anchors rip out and all kinds of hellacious scatches all over from trying to install a simple bathroom cabinet. Screw it onto the stud? Sure if that actually matched where it needed to be. Maybe i need to modify it to fit but my carpentry skills are less than great-- which of course is another sore subject. But in any event this whole house is covered on that cheap chalky crap.
  5. yellowfin

    New TS Orange

    My thoughts exactly. The point of this gun is that it runs awesome right out of the box.
  6. If we know of someone who would want to donate something to the prize table, should we direct them to you?
  7. Just put a can on it. Specwar 556K works well for me.
  8. 7.2gr W296 with King Shooters Supply 215gr coated bullets, 2.096 OAL. Accurate, dirt cheap, and so quiet you hear the brass hitting the ground and bullet hitting the target.
  9. Other than a quality barrel and obviously a good free floated handguard, is there any particular factor in the receivers themselves that make any better than others for building? Like say for example if I pick up what is thought to be a cheaper AR10 platform in .308 and want to build a second upper as a precision 6.5CM, is there much holding it back from being very good if I use a good quality barrel (e.g. Criterion) and ammo to match? (Assuming of course I put a good adjustable gas block on it, and of course have a good trigger in the lower.)
  10. Primary Arms or Bushnell 1-4 would work.
  11. I also use the Specwar, have loved it for the last 3 years and counting.
  12. I really like mine, had them a little over a year now. Sometimes you have to give them a boosting charge with a cellphone charger if it's been a while since you used them, but other than that they're very reliable. Haven't tried the SMART ones yet, but might in the future. Audio quality is indeed good and I'm impressed with the lens quality as well.
  13. I second this. I keep looking for reasons to buy other brands but keep buying SWFA because they work so well. Money in this sport goes so many ways and this is one place you can get a break.
  14. For those who have gone with GAP or JP: how was your decision influenced to go with that versus LaRue and/or PWS? I'm looking really hard at this right now after shooting one this weekend.
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