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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I'm pretty much sold on the A01-LD at this point.
  2. Thanks, that leads me to a couple questions. 1. is the stock grips made of G10 (it looks like G10 in the pics)? 2. If I add these CZ75 grips it should share mags with my Shadow 1, correct?
  3. For the intended purpose I'm cool with the magazine issue. Like you said either way requires new mags and for me at least I won't likely need more mags as for now this will be just range fun. I'm leaning towards the A01ld at this point. Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, the A01 does seem like a great design. I don't know how I missed those. It's been a few days since I looked but I completely missed those. The other online stores I frequent seem to have the 40 in stock and I completely understand why the 40 is an advantage for the target audience (power factor). Thanks for the feedback and information!
  5. I know this forum is aimed at competitive shooting and I doubt I'll be doing any of type of competitive shooting for at least a few years. But this seems to be one of the best places to discuss CZ pistols. With that said I'm debating between the CZ TSO and the A01 LD. It'll be a range gun, I love my Shadow 1 and it's all stock, I also have a few other all steel competitive type handguns like a 2011 and a SIG P226 x5. I know the A01 is a bit higher priced but I like the idea of 9mm over 40 and I don't see many TSO's in 9mm available at the moment. I also like the idea of full CZC built pistol. Looking for a top tier CZ range toy with a excellent trigger and no competitive discipline in mind what would you guys recommend between these 2 models?
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